Watching Too Much TV Can Lead to Increased Diabetes Risk

Parents often warn their children watching too much television is not good for their health. Besides having the potential to reduce attention spans, television can have other negative effects on the body. Experts have found watching too much television promotes bad eating habits and inactivity, which can lead to weight issues associated with Type II diabetes. Just about everyone is guilty of indulging in an unhealthy snack or downing sweet drinks while watching TV. Too many lazy relaxing days in front of the television can harm your health. All of these factors can lead to Type 2 diabetes. Watching what may seem like as little as two or three hours of television everyday could put you on this path to diabetes path.  Simply put, the more TV that you watch, the higher the chance is that you could develop diabetes later if not countered with regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Engaging in these unhealthy habits can lead to poor blood sugar control, which can lead to a condition known as pre-diabetes.

While bad eating and television watching habits can be difficult to change, changing these habits is impossible task. One easy and simple change you can make is to instead of munching on unhealthy snacks like potato chips, chocolates, or candy while you eat, opt for healthier options such as cereals high in fiber or full of whole grains, vegetables dipped in your favorite fat free dressing, or even fat free popcorn. Instead of guzzling soda by the liter, switch to water or natural fruit juices. By changing what you eat while you are watching television, you are taking the first step in changing unhealthy and harmful habits.

If giving up television completely sounds extreme to you, consider cutting back on the amount of television that you watch. Watch only your favorite shows or must see programming and keep the television turned off for the rest of the day. When watching TV, hide the remote control so you are forced to get up each time you want to change the channel or volume. While this may not burn many calories, you will burn more than clicking buttons on the remote control.  Keep the television out of the bedroom and do not eat dinner while watching television. Eating in front of the TV can cause people to overeat. Having a TV in the bedroom can cause folks to lie in bed all day and do nothing but watch TV. It is hard to find motivation to get out of bed if you are constantly entertained. These small changes can lead to big changes later.

Use the time you would have spent watching TV to engage in an activity that will give you exercise. Take a walk around the block or catch up on some housework are some constructive ways to occupy your time. After a while, you might come to find that you enjoy the days in which you did not watch TV more than the days in which you did watch TV.

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