Bariatric Surgery Said to Cure Diabetes

Researchers from Italy have found that a bariatric surgery could be more effective in treating type two diabetes than regular medicine. Researchers even go as far to state that it may be possible to reverse the effects of type two diabetes with a bariatric surgery. The bariatric surgery that these Italian researchers are referring to is called laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Italian researchers state that eighty percent of diabetics’ patients who underwent the surgery were relieved of their symptoms within a period of eighteen months.

About The Study and the Surgery

All of the participants in the study had been diagnosed with diabetes for less than ten years. In the procedure that Italian researchers are raving about, doctors remove approximately eighty percent of the stomach. What is left of the stomach is then placed into a tube that requires the patient to consume fewer calories. The sleeve, or tube, is what is responsible for the weight loss that soon follows the procedure. Doctors are calling the procedure a miracle for those suffering for both obesity and diabetes.

About The Participants

Thirty patients were given the surgery while thirty patients were not. All of the participants in the study had a body mass index of at least thirty five. The patients that had the surgery also showed improvement in a lot of other different areas. Patients who formerly suffered from sleep apnea found that they experienced less symptoms of the condition. Patients who underwent the surgery were also discovered to have lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure levels. Patients who were in the medicine group did not reverse any symptoms of their conditions.

Say Goodbye to Diabetes Complications for Good

For diabetics who also suffer from obesity this situation looks like a win-win.  While this surgery is very expensive option, it does provide long term results. Those who suffer from complications due to their diabetes could have better controlled blood sugar levels thanks to this bariatric surgery. This surgery can cost as much as fifteen thousand dollars in the United States, and it is not covered by most insurance policies.  You will need to consult with your doctor about whether or not this surgery is something that you should consider. You should also keep in mind that just because this surgery worked for some people, it does not cure diabetes. It can help you manage your condition better, but this surgery is not a sure fire bet to curing diabetes.

Examining the Pros and Cons

The cost compared to the benefits should be examined very carefully. If you are someone who suffers from diabetes and are obese, this option might be right for you. There are many researchers, scientist, and doctors who are not surprised by the results of this study. In fact, many other studies have shown that bariatric surgeries could be beneficial for those suffering from both obesity and diabetes. This surgery is not right for everyone. Consider all of the pros and cons carefully with a medical professional before making a final decision.

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