Ingredients in Red Wine Protect Against Diabetes

Did you know that you can drink red wine and protect yourself against diabetes and heart disease? There have been research studies performed at Maastricht University which have studied red wine and the anti-oxidant properties of it. They have found that the anti-oxidants in the skin of red grapes can reduce your blood pressure and lower your blood sugar. Let’s take a closer look at the research and how red wine antioxidants are good for you.

The thing that is in the red grape skin that is causing all these good things is resveratrol. Not only does it reduce your blood pressure, lower your blood sugar, it also increases your life expectancy. Resveratrol was one of the things studied during the research studies at Maastricht University. They looked at the biological effects in 11 overweight men by using resveratrol supplements to see the results. They were given 150 milligrams of purified resveratrol to take every day for a month.

They watched these 11 men for 30 days and at the end of that timeframe, they all had less liver fat, blood sugar levels were lower, lower metabolic rate and reduced blood pressure. The lead researcher on the project, Dr. Patrick Schrauwe, said they saw lots of small effects of the resveratrol supplements but it was the consistency that pointed in a better health direction. There were two important findings during the project and they were  a big drop during their sleep of their metabolic rate and a beneficial decrease in their mercury of their blood pressure. The men also had to go through various other tests including measurements of the following: blood sugar, gene activity, blood pressure, fat storage, and energy levels. There were great results in all of those measurements and they did not find any serious side effects from taking the resveratrol supplements.

Resveratrol is not only found in the red grape skins but it is in other fruits. The research that Dr. Schrauwe and his team performed show that resveratrol was promising for good health and better metabolic rates. The antioxidant within the reseveratrol can improve the metabolic health in those individuals who are at risk for having any metabolic syndrome. They said that the changes by taking the supplement mirror those by severe calorie restriction. Research shows that cutting your calories by 50% reduces the risk of certain age-related diseases. For example, cancer and diabetes.

Dr. Schrauwe’s team is now seeing if it resveratrol is helpful and useful to those people who have Type 2 Diabetes. They are positive that it will be as they have seen firsthand that it does reduce blood sugar levels and other issues known to be a part of diabetes. He said that resveratrol is only found in small levels in red wine, approximately one milligram per glass. Therefore, it would take two gallons a wine to be the same that was used in the studies. While that much wine a day is not recommended, it is positive news that researchers have found something that helps. Now it is just a matter of time before it is on the market.

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