New Therapy Lowers Amputation Risk in Diabetics

Those who suffer from diabetes should be sure to check their feet on a regular basis for scrapes, cuts, blisters, and other types of abrasions. While these common problems may not cause any problems for those without diabetes, those suffering from diabetes these problems could lead to something as serious as an amputation.

Brand New Therapy Said to Cut Down on Amputations

There is a new therapy that is being studied called hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves breathing in a mask of nothing but pure oxygen while reclining in a chamber that is pressurized. This type of therapy is said to stimulate the growth of cells and encourage the growth of new blood vessels within the body. The therapy is also said to help the body fight against certain infections. This therapy is still under clinical trials, but it has shown to be helpful in cutting down on the amount of amputations due to diabetes complications. The participants in the study suffered from foot ulcers that were chronic.

Why Diabetes Causes a Higher Risk for Amputation

Diabetes is a chronic condition that causes the body to not be able to provide the right amount of insulin to control blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels can cause nerve damage. They can also cause damage to the blood vessels. This damage has been linked to increasing the risk of amputations due to foot ulcers or abrasions. It should be noted that this therapy would not work for those who suffer from peripheral vascular disease because the blood needs to carry the oxygen throughout the entire body.

Shocking Research Information

If there is any damage to the nerves in the body,  it is difficult to be able to feel pain. Diabetics can have a serious problem on their limbs and be totally unaware of it. There is research that states that over twenty five percent of diabetics will experience a foot ulcer. Most do not even notice until it is too late due to the nerve damage that has been caused by uncontrolled blood sugar levels due to diabetes. There are patients who have been undergoing the hyper baric oxygen treatment along with efforts to increase blood flow for many years and have achieved marvelous results. This therapy might not work for everyone, but it is definitely an option that is worth conducting more research to gain possibly valuable information.

The hyper baric oxygen treatment focuses on providing oxygen to the tissues in the body to improve healing. This surgery requires the work of a hardworking team to ensure that the treatment is the most effective. This is an option that deserves more research so that it can become an option for more people who are suffering from diabetes.  Diabetes is a serious condition that requires serious care. This oxygen treatment option could result in the prevention of amputations in those suffering from diabetes for good. Diabetics will be waiting ever so patiently to see the results as more research and clinical trials are conducted.

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