Liraglutide and Type Two Diabetes

There are many drug therapies for type two diabetes. Some of these drugs attack the enzymes that inhibit insulin receptors, while others stimulate these receptors so that they will work better. Some common diabetes drugs affect insulin production or indirectly affect sugar metabolism or the makeup of the blood. Glimepiride is a commonly used diabetes drug, but Liraglutide has emerged, through several studies, as a medication that has a similar plan of action but achieves better results. These studies suggest that liraglutide could have an important role in diabetes pharmacological management.

Liraglutide has taken a back seat to glimepiride as the premier anti-diabetes drug. However, recent findings have discovered that daily ingestion of liraglutide has significant benefits on blood sugar control in people suffering from type two diabetes. This is quite an important finding because liraglutide also has other important advantages over glimepiride. It is an aid in weight loss and also significantly reduces the risk of low blood sugar patients with type two diabetes. Liraglutide also had important effects on blood pressure – diabetes and cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure go hand in hand. After a year-long study, researchers have discovered that the effects of liraglutide are much more significant than was thought previously.

This year-long study discovered that using liraglutide on patients with diabetes as the first pharmacological approach had important effects on blood sugar control, weight loss, and the normalization of blood pressure. These effects were also continuous and sustained during the time the study lasted. Researchers came to the conclusion that using liraglutide early during the diabetes management process could lead to more beneficial results than what is normally practiced, which is leaving pharmacological treatments for later stages of diabetes management.

This study followed all the required protocols for medical trials. These took place in several different countries and lasted about a year. It compared the effects of about 1.4 mg of liraglutide with glimepiride in patients that had only been treated with lifestyle intervention and dietary restrictions. The results showed that patients who took liraglutide had a much higher improvement in their sugar levels than those patients that had glimepiride. They also showed higher loss of weight and a reduction in their blood pressure. During the study, there were no emergency complications and there were only cases of minor low blood sugar. The most common effects lived during the study were diarrhea and vomiting, most quite minor or moderate in the worst cases.

Liraglutide is meant to be taken once daily and occurs naturally in the human body. It inhibits appetite and also stimulates insulin production in cases of mild hyperglycemia. It is produced by Novo Nordisk, one of the leading companies in anti-diabetic medication as well as in other hormone therapies. In 2008 it was submitted for approval by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. It is now a commonly used diabetes drug that has few side effects due to the fact that it is naturally occurring within the human body and endocrine system.

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