Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes

There has been an extraordinary amount of research done on diabetes and the related conditions. There has also been a lot of research concerning what the underlying causes of diabetes are, but there has not been a lot of rock solid proof. There have been a lot of theories though. Some theories state that diabetes is a condition that could be linked other serious conditions like Parkinson’s disease. There is also other research that states that the hereditary fat gene can help prevent against diabetes. Most researchers do not believe this information and there it not a lot of rock solid evidence supporting this theory. Each day more research is conducted to find out whether we can prevent serious diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and diabetes.

Researching The Link Between Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes

There are a number of researchers who state that there is a direct link between diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Women who are around the age of forty who have had diabetes are more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, along with other diseases, than women who do not have diabetes. Men are also at risk according to certain studies. Men are more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease if they have diabetes at an earlier age than men who do not suffer from diabetes. Men who have diabetes can develop Parkinson’s disease as early as their thirties. Most people do not develop Parkinson’s disease until they reach their sixties.

Does Diabetes Cause Early Parkinson’s Disease?

It is still unclear whether or not there is a direct link between Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and the fat gene. More research needs to be conducted and more tests need to be run. Could these two diseases be caused by the same genetic factor or is the link more of an environmental factor? The only way to find out for sure is to research the possibilities. Diabetes presents enough problems without throwing Parkinson’s disease on top of it. At this point in time, it is basically impossible to tell if Parkinson’s disease and diabetes are linked on any level.

How to Protect Yourself

If you have diabetes and are worried about developing Parkinson’s disease you should know that there is not a lot that you can do to protect yourself. There is not a lot that can be done to save yourself from developing health problems later on down the road. You should be sure to consume a healthy diet in addition to following a regular exercise routine. Keeping yourself healthy is one of the best things that you can do to keep your diabetes under control. You should also be sure to keep tabs on your blood sugar levels. Promoting your health is the best thing that you can do to keep yourself operating at the best of your physical ability. You should not worry yourself sick about the information this research has brought to life due to the fact that it has not been proven.

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