Is There A Link Between Obesity, Diabetes, and Autism?

There is new research that states mothers who suffer from diabetes during pregnancy often also suffer from obesity. The two conditions often accompany one another. Women who are obese are prime candidates for diabetes during pregnancy. This research also states that women who are obese or suffer from diabetes during pregnancy are at a higher risk of having children with autism.

Studies Regarding Diabetes, Obesity, and Autism

Research shows that mothers who are obese during pregnancy have over a sixty percent higher chance of giving birth to a child who has autism. Other developmental disorders have also been linked to children who were born from mothers who were obese during pregnancy. Delay in speech development was one of the conditions that children who were born to obese or diabetic mothers.

Prenatal Exposure to Hypertension and Diabetes

Hypertension, diabetes, and obesity are three of the top contributing factors during pregnancy that can lead to developmental delays in children. The prenatal time has been proven to have an effect on how children develop later on in life. Many women who are obese develop diabetes while pregnant. Excess fat on the body can create an environment for anti-inflammatory problems, which can lead to issues producing or sensitivity issues to insulin.

The Serious Effects Obesity and Diabetes Has on the Body

Diabetes is a very serious condition that seems to be affecting more people as the years pass. Research linking diabetes to obesity seems to be rock solid, but there needs to be more research conducted concerning the link between autistic children and diabetic mothers. Developmental delays may be recorded in the small studies that link autism to diabetes and obesity, but more research needs to be conducted. Autism is said to be connected with the high amount of fat in the body, which can lead to diabetes. Those who are obese often have high amounts of fat in the body.

Taking Care of Your Body during Pregnancy

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is not only important for your health, it is also important to the health of your unborn child. Women who experience gestational diabetes should steer clear of any refined sugars and focus more on eating fresh fruits to obtain natural fructose. It is possible that there could be a link the metabolic rates and the development of autism in children.  Women who are pregnant should make sure that they get themselves tested for gestational diabetes to protect their unborn child. Dieting is something that should be avoided during pregnancy, but pregnant women should make sure that they are getting proper nutrition to serve their body and the developing fetus.

More research is needed to make any conclusions, but women who suffer from diabetes or obesity should consider having their children checked for autism if they notice any developmental delays until more proof is found. Practicing proper nutrition and good health is the best protection women can offer themselves and their unborn children until more concrete evidence is found.

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