Are Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease Linked?

There is now scientific research that states that diabetes might also be linked to Parkinson’s disease. The relationship between diabetes and Parkinson’s disease is not clear, but there have been many connections and correlations between the two diseases. Women who are around age forty have a higher risk for having Parkinson’s disease if they have diabetes than women of the same age who do not suffer from diabetes. Some researchers state that these people developed Parkinson’s disease due to the fact that they have diabetes. Other researchers do not agree. The risk of developing Parkinson’s disease when you have diabetes may be small, but it is a factor you do have to consider. Many more people are at risk than you may think. Women are not the only ones at risk. Men are also at risk for developing Parkinson’s disease at a young age.

Locating The Link Between Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes

Researchers also state that it is possible for some people to be more genetically susceptible to chronic conditions such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. For those who already have diabetes, but do not have Parkinson’s disease, there is not a lot that you can do to prevent the disease. The best that you can do is to continue with a healthy and balanced diet that will help keep your diabetes under control. Well-controlled blood sugar levels can help prevent serious health problems. There have been many studies conducted concerning Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. Scientists are more curious than ever to find out whether or not there is any correlation between these two chronic conditions. If researchers could pinpoint the link between these two conditions, they might be able to better treat or better prevent these conditions. Further research needs to be done to determine finally whether these two conditions are related. Could the two diseases be caused by the same factor or is the odd connection purely coincidental?

Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease: Is There a Connection?

Diabetes is a serious condition that involves blood sugar levels and the lack of naturally produced insulin. Parkinson’s disease is a condition that occurs when certain cells of the brain have experienced an irregularity. Cells of the brain can eventually die off completely. The regulation of insulin could be the thing that causes diabetic people to develop Parkinson’s disease. Researchers are still very unclear of the connection.  Eating a diet that is healthy and exercising on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of both Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. Women are not the only ones who are susceptible to Parkinson’s disease if they have diabetes. Men could also face this life threatening disease as early as their twenties to thirties. Current research has shown the earlier that a person develops diabetes the earlier in life the more likely that person is to develop Parkinson’s disease at an earlier age. These shocking and potential frightening studies are not proven fact. Many folks are waiting to for researchers to learn more about diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

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