Do Phthalates Cause Diabetes?

There has been research that supports the theory that phthalates could potentially be a cause of type two diabetes. Phthalates are usually found in items like scented candles, cosmetic items, and they can be found in many different types of plastics. Millions of people use these items on a daily basis. There are tons of people who could be putting themselves at risk for type two diabetes. Other studies have proven phthalates to have a serious impact on the sex hormones. This chemical has also been shown to cause reproductive health problems as well as developmental problems in children. This chemicals has been known to block certain endorphins in the brain.  The study that this research was derived from only studied folks who were at least sixty years old.

Phthalates and Type Two Diabetes

The study does not state that there is a direct connection between type two diabetes and Phthalates, but the information does show that the two could be related. Scientists are just not sure how they could be related yet. Diabetes often affects those who are obese or have high cholesterol. The study states that folks who have higher levels of phthalates in their blood were at a higher risk for diabetes than other people who had lower levels of phthalates in their blood. If you are already at risk for diabetes you should avoid using products with phthalates until more research is conducted just to be on the safe side.

Avoiding Phthalates

If you are concerned about phthalates it is practically impossible to avoid them. This chemical is used to make many items that you probably use on a daily basis. You can cut down on the amount of cosmetics that you use and avoid buying plastic items. You can also avoid buying scented candles. There are so many different kinds of plastics that include this chemical that it may be difficult to avoid it.  There has been research that states that phthalates can change the way that the people regulate body fat. This can have an effect on the metabolic rate.

More Research Needs To Be Conducted

There are a lot of scientists who feel that the information that was discovered in this study is not accurate. Researchers state that more studies need to be conducted in order to learn more about whether or not there is truly a connection between type two diabetes and Phthalates. The effects of long-term exposure to Phthalates has not been studied enough to provide solid evidence but more studies are underway. The current evidence is not conclusive. There have been many petitions for the FDA to ban the use of phthalates, but none of these attempts by activists have been successful yet. Some scientists state that phthalates are quickly broken down and released from the body within a twenty-four hour period. Extensive safety measures are used with phthalates. Both sides of the fence will have to wait for further research to be conducted to provide real answers to these questions.

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