Dealing with Diabetes in School

Diabetes SchoolDealing with diabetes in school is not an easy task and everyone should be involved in taking care of diabetics when they are at school. For children who suffer from the consequences and complications of diabetes, going to school might be a little more challenging as there are many things to consider so that their condition will not get worse. Authorities at school need to be advised, as well as knowledgeable, on how to manage and help kids afflicted with this disease to make these students’ school life easier and more comfortable. They should be prepared in providing first aid treatment for kids with diabetes in case serious emergency cases occur.

Parents should also be involved. They should be the first ones to react and be ready to aid their children when the consequences of the disease hit them while they are in their classrooms. Parents should teach their children which medicines to take and at what time they should be taking them, as well as the proper dosage of each drug to ensure continuous and effective treatment of diabetes. Parents should cooperate with their kids’ teachers as well as with the school principal so that they will be properly informed about the needs of these children. School officials will then have to discuss these terms and take the necessary steps during these situations. Meanwhile, homeroom teachers should also see to it that their students who have diabetes are able to cope with the activities required at school but without straining the kids too much in the process. They should still be allowed to participate in school events, but their involvement in these activities must be monitored by an adult.

Children with diabetes must understand their condition and what they need to do in order to prevent certain effects of diabetes on their bodies. They should not feel too deprived because of their disease. A good outlook and happy disposition will always be helpful in motivating kids in combating diabetes.

Parents can prepare a “diabetes kit” of some sort for their children when they go to school. This diabetes kit must contain the needed diabetes medications for that particular day or time and testing supplies along with a diabetes management plan. While they are at school, these kids may need to check their blood glucose levels once in while especially when they feel light headed or dizzy. Having adequate insulin resource and diabetes medications at hand is also necessary. Children with diabetes also need to eat at a particular time and should not hurry themselves in the process. They should avoid eating foods high in fat and carbohydrates as these might only worsen or trigger the effects of diabetes. Bringing enough amount of water to school also helps especially since patients need to drink liquids as often as their body needs. They should also be given time to go to the comfort room whenever necessary. Children who are starting to feel uneasy due to their illness should seek help and must be sent to the school infirmary immediately.

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