Treating Diabetes Naturally

Natural Diabetes TreatmentDiabetics need to use certain drugs in order to alleviate the effects of diabetes on their bodies. However, there are now several remedies and natural alternative to these diabetes medications. Some even say that these natural remedies help augment the effectiveness of the medications they take. Having said that, it is still important that whatever the patient intends to take, be it an herbal medicine or a diet based on raw foods, he or she should always contact his or her physician and seek professional advice first. Nonetheless, a healthy lifestyle will always do anyone good and trying these natural remedies for diabetes can help them combat this debilitating disease.

Diabetes can be treated using black seeds (also known as Nigella Sativa) and watercress seeds. The patient needs to take half a cup of heated black seeds and half a cup of watercress seeds (in this case, mustard seeds can also be used as a substitution) along with a one fourth cup of pomegranate peel (ground). Then, these ingredients should all be placed in a blender and pulsed until it looks like a fine powder. After which, one eighth of a cup of fumitory should be added. Every day, one teaspoon of the oil along with one teaspoon of the ground powder should be taken an hour before mealtime. This should be done for at least a month.

Fig leaves (which are traditionally used to cure bronchitis, liver cirrhosis, genital warts, high blood pressure, ulcers and other skin problems) are also one of those that well known in helping treat diabetes. With the fig leaf extract, patients may lessen their insulin intake due to its anti-diabetic properties. One can get the fig leaf extract by boiling the leaf in water and drinking it like a tea.

Another effective natural remedy for diabetes is olive oil. According to researchers, this wonder oil can help prevent diabetes by reducing one’s cholesterol levels. It is recommended that patients drink one fourth of a cup of olive oil before bedtime. However, necessary caution must be taken before gulping this oil due to its caloric content. Again, diabetics who want to try this method should seek medical help first before taking olive oil in such manner.

Researchers have found that bitter melon, due to its properties that are similar to insulin, aids in lowering blood sugar levels, making it a good way of treating diabetes. Studies have also revealed that taking 100-600 mg of vitamin C every day can normalize blood glucose levels within at least a month.

Cinnamon has also been found as a good natural treatment for diabetes. According to studies, diabetics who take cinnamon have decreased blood glucose levels as well as the amount of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides present in their bodies. It is suggested that diabetics take at least half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day as this will help “soften” cell membranes. When taken, this substance mimics insulin and therefore it may help lower the patient’s need to take insulin supplements.

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