Type 2 Diabetes Prevention: Beer, Wine and Coffee

Coffee DiabetesType 2 Diabetes is among the most common diabetes problems many people have today.  This problem is due to the high levels of glucose in the blood, and individuals as well as experts are looking for the best solutions to manage this condition.  Usually, avoiding different types of foods are recommended in order to deal with this condition properly.  Many studies are done to actually pinpoint the foods that need to be avoided.

However, experts also search for foods that diabetics should consume to regulate their blood sugar.  A number of tests have already pointed out that drinking beer, coffee and wine may be helpful in managing this condition.

Beer can be considered as among the drinks that people should have in moderation to avoid health problems.  However, the American Journal of Epidemiology has released a study indicating there is a lowered risk for getting diabetes problems with moderate alcohol intake.  Remember that it is moderate alcohol drinking and not alcohol binging.  Make sure to consume alcohol at the right amount to get this benefit and not exacerbate your health problems.

Drinking coffee seems to help you improve your insulin receptors.  Throughout the years, coffee has been widely known as something that can help give you a boost, but Swedish research also shows that it is also a good component in clearing your insulin receptors.  This will help to lower your chances of having Type 2 Diabetes.  In fact, research has indicated that a cup of coffee can cut down your Type 2 Diabetes risk by up to 16%.  Furthermore, other research cited that men who drink coffee have an even lower chance of developing the problem.

Tea is also another drink that is considered to be helpful in lowering the risk of acquiring Type 2 Diabetes.  Research conducted by Chinese professionals has indicated that the polysaccharides found in tea have the ability to keep the glucose level in the blood regulated.  Several known research articles have also indicated that tea has antioxidant capabilities that will flush out your body’s toxins.  Flushing out these negative components will help you be free from cancer and other health problems.

Wine is also something that most people feel they should avoid, but research such as that of Australian professionals indicated that wine actually has the ability to regulate glucose levels in the body after eating.  Eating can cause the insulin level to be unstable, and wine can regulate it in the process.  Drinking wine can bring the insulin back to its original level, balancing the glucose content.  It is important to remember to consume unsweetened wine so as not to counteract this benefit although there are also different types of wine that may be sweetened but will not cause increase your glucose level.

In conclusion, it is very practical to know that these drinks can help you balance out your glucose level, however these are not only the things that you must do to maintain a healthy balance.  Make sure to follow other maintenance procedures required by your physician.



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