Diet Major Cause of Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetic DogDiabetes in human beings is almost in all cases cause by bad lifestyle choices, mainly obesity due to a bad diet and lack of exercise. The same principle applies to pets. There are many causes of diabetes in dogs, but it is almost certain that if your dog is not eating right this is a major factor in its health and in its risk of diabetes. Diabetes is not a curable disease. The best medicine can do is to manage it and show each individual how to live with it so that it will not affect his life beyond what is necessary. However, it has been proven that if there is a strict control of the diet of each individual, most of the symptoms of diabetes can be alleviated and the most severe complications can be avoided.

How can you know if what you are feeding your dog is healthy for him? Contrary to popular opinion, commercial dog food is not always the best option if you have a dog with diabetes. There are several reasons why commercial dog food is not always recommended. The most popular of these reasons is that in most cases the quality of the meat in commercial dog food is not very good. It is usually meat left over from rendering facilities, so it will be abnormally low in protein. Raw meat and liver is also quite high in chromium, a nutrient that is necessary for the metabolizing of glucose. This mineral tends to be missing in commercial dog food, as well as other essential nutrients. Due to the bad quality of the meat, dog food manufacturers tend to add fillers to make the food bulkier. This is usually whatever cheap carbohydrate can be found on the market. For a time cane sugar was the preferred filler, although it can also be any cereal or fiber.

Complex carbohydrates are broken up by a dog’s metabolism into glucose and other sugars, something that can predispose a dog for diabetes. Dogs also require certain enzymes for proper digestion which are only found in raw meat. To prevent outbreaks of microorganisms, dog food manufacturers tend to cook their meat at very high temperatures, denaturalizing these enzymes and other proteins. The most worrying aspect about commercial dog food is that it includes many synthetic additives, preservatives and colorings that have long since been banned in products for human consumption. These guidelines do not apply to dog food manufacturers and they liberally apply these substances to their product.

To treat diabetes in dogs, it is important to make sure you organize your dog’s diet as well as you can. There can even be a period in which your dog will go through withdrawal symptoms from the substances and high sugar content of commercial dog food. However, the most common result is that you will see a marked change in your dog after a while of enforcing the new diet. Dog diabetes can be easily controlled. As the owner is mostly in charge of the diet, it is much easier to make sure that a dog eats the right things than it is with a human being.

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