Diabetes Can be Caused by More Than Just Environmental Factors

Diabetes CausesJust because you may have risk factors such as family history and obesity, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get type 2 diabetes.  In fact, most people that are obese will not develop the disease.  Only about 8.3% of the US population has some form of diabetes.  This is a very small number quantitatively.  Researchers are finding though, that more and more people are developing diabetes every year.

Out of the 11 factors that scientists agree on that causes diabetes, only 4 of them can really be categorized as controllable environmental factors.  Malnutrition Related Diabetes is caused by low fiber and protein intake as well as improper nutrition with a high intake of refined products.  Fat distribution and obesity increases insulin resistance and, according to scientists, if there is 30% or more of recommended body fat on a person, they can develop diabetes.  Also, people who don’t exercise at least twice a week have a significantly higher risk of developing diabetes.  Lastly, stress is a personally controllable factor that has been shown to cause diabetes.  Researchers have found that any disturbance in the body’s Corticosteroid, the main stress hormone, can lead to at least clinical signs of the disease.

The other 7 risk factors that can cause diabetes are related to either hereditary or environmental factors that are not as controllable.  Various studies have shown that a person can inherit diabetes due to some genes which pass from one generation to another.  Of course the largest predisposition for inherited diabetes is if the disease is present in both parents.  Age is another factor that we have absolutely no control over.  There is the chance that diabetes can occur at any age but approximately 80% of cases don’t occur until after the age of 50.  There are also some prescription drugs which have been linked to causing diabetes. These include doctor recommended clozapine, ziprasidone, quetiapine, risperidone and olanzapine.

Since the pancreas is responsible for insulin creation, some other diseases and infections have been known to cause diabetes.  Infections related to strephylococci can affect the pancreas and possibly induce the disease.  Your gender can also be a risk factor.  Diabetes is most commonly seen in elderly males and women who have had multiple pregnancies or have suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  There have also been quite a few studies that show that there is a relation between high systolic pressure (hypertension) and diabetes.  Lastly, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood are directly related to higher blood sugars and therefore, more incidences of the disease.

Outside of the known 11 risk factors, some serious illnesses are directly related to the development for diabetes.  These include adrenal gland tumors, Grave’s disease, final stage cirrhosis and chronic pancreatitis as well as quite a few others.

Even though all of these factors put together can give you an extremely high chance of developing diabetes, garnering and maintaining control over the 4 risk factors that you can have control over will help you to lower the risk of getting the disease.

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