Lower Diabetes with Vitamin C

Vitamin C DiabetesVitamin C isn’t just for fighting the cold and flu anymore. According to Dr.’s Levy, Cathcart and Klenner as well as author Linus Pauling, people with diabetes can enjoy a tasty way of healing their bodies and possibly curing their diabetes. What’s important for all diabetics to keep in mind is that this theory is not recognized by mainstream medicine. With that being said, it’s time to talk about the details these three doctors have used to back up their theory.

People who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to eat healthier, have higher levels of Vitamin C in their bodies and live an overall healthier lifestyle. The American Medical Association Journal published a study amongst 21,831 participants. Out of those participants the top 20% with the greatest amount of Vitamin C plasma levels were at a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. In fact, they had a 62% lower chance of development.

Some think the “at risk” percentage was so low because Vitamin C is so easy to ingest in many every day foods besides the popular orange. An upside to Vitamin C is that it is water soluble. This means if the body doesn’t use it all, the excess is flushed from the body reducing the risk of harming the body due to too much Vitamin C intake. There are many supplements on the market for consumers to choose from and other avenues out there where a Vitamin C supplement can be obtained including holistic practitioners or a naturopath.

Another advantage that Dr.’s Levy, Cathcart and Klenner saw was the fact that Vitamin C can help lower the risk of developing other illnesses which raise the risk of developing diabetes. Blood flow is increased, inflammation in the body decreases, bad cholesterol levels go down, blood pressure is lowered, unsettling pain caused by arthritis dwindles and cardiovascular health is improved. The list of health benefits goes on and on. A majority of people see Vitamin C supplements as a win-win situation. Overall, the body is healthier and risks of developing various diseases, not just diabetes is reduced.

Vitamin C cannot be produced naturally in the body so it is vital for people to eat fruits and veggies in order to take in the recommended amount of Vitamin C needed on a daily basis. Citrus fruits, cherries and a handful of other fruits and veggies as well as supplements are easy ways to get Vitamin C. Besides diabetes, Vitamin C helps to prevent heart attacks because it helps prevent damage to arteries and aids in the production of collagen making arterial walls stronger. Vitamin C also reduces the risk of stroke by up to 54% in those that eat fruit at least six times on a weekly basis. This is according to a Japanese study published in 2000. It also helps to lower the risk of developing other big name diseases like cancer. According to research, adding a healthy dose of Vitamin C to the diet can strongly help prevent the disease.

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