Bayer Contour USB Glucose Meter Review

Bayer Contour USB Glucose MeterA new device has hit the market and it has created quite the buzz. The Bayer Contour USB Meter for $54.99, is a new take on an old idea. The Contour USB is used to test the blood of diabetics using an updated approach. Yes, you still have to prick your finger several times daily, so why all the buzz? This blood glucose test meter looks like a common USB drive used by millions of people every day for backups. What’s even better, it plugs right into the USB drive on computers. There’s no need for extra wires and plugs which cuts down on time and hassle.

The meter itself contains software inside and once plugged into the computer, the meter runs and analyzes the test results for you. The new Contour USB has caught more than the attention of consumers; it has caught the attention of doctors also. Now, because of the software being embedded in the meter, doctors can monitor blood glucose levels while keeping an eye on an individual patient’s trends at the same time. This gives the doctor better, more precise information to use when it comes to prescribing diabetes medications. For many who have reviewed and tested this product themselves, this is a step in the right direction.

All this comes from a rectangular device that can be hidden in the palm of your hand. The meter may have a similar look to others on the market, but it stands alone. Another software feature located in the meter is called Glucofacts Deluxe. This handy program runs automatically when the meter is plugged into the computer. Your test results pop up without the need of a command and there’s extra space available on the program in case there is other information you need to store. So how does this new device work?

After pricking your finger, place a drop of blood on a test strip located at one end of the meter and plug the other end into the computer. There’s an option which lets you tell the meter if you’re testing before or after eating a meal. You can even add extras such as if you were sick that day. Conveniently, test results can be displayed in logs, charts or graphs to suit your fancy. Then just print them out and hand them over to your doctor.

Now that we’ve gone over the upside to the Contour USB, it’s important to discuss its glitches. The meter is supposed to run on any Windows PC or Macintosh. Currently, the meter’s software is not compatible with Apple’s new Snow Leopard operating system. Some Windows PC users are being prompted to install new components when running the meter’s software. Bayer is currently working to find a solution to this problem. The Contour USB comes with a rechargeable meter which has been met with mixed reviews.

If you’re a diabetic and have been enticed to try the Contour USB yourself, remember to talk to your doctor first.

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