Camps for Kids with Diabetes

Diabetes CampsDiabetes causes the body not to be able to break down the sugars into energy for the cells in the body. Diabetes is, in general, the inability to produce insulin or the production of very little insulin. Diabetes can be devastating news to children when they find out. Their whole life begins to change. There are food precautions to take into consideration. There are liver, heart and kidney complications that can arise. Also, just the daily routine of having to check the blood for sugar levels can be tough for a child.

Many diabetic kids have to alter their lifestyles to accommodate living with diabetes. Often times, children feel alone, left out or isolated when they have diabetes. This is because they can see that most children do not have diabetes. Dealing with daily blood pricks and diabetic crashes can make children less secure about themselves. To help diabetic kids feel more normal and be able to enjoy life again, there are camps for these special kids. Just as there are camps for kids with disabilities, and regular camps for anyone, there are also camps designated for diabetic children.

These camps are equipped with professional medical doctors. They also have other staff that is trained in all areas of diabetic care. This includes the right kind of foods, exercises and fun that will keep kids happy and having a good time. Instead of feeling so left out in their normal day to day routines. These diabetes camps also have a wide range of medical equipment available for any diabetic related emergency. Being at a diabetes camp also means having the necessary items available for preventative measures as well.

All of the diabetic camps offer the same activities of regular camps. There is swimming, games, outdoor activities, crafts and hiking. They also offer lake activities such as boating and fishing. Along with this, they have professional dieticians that provide the correct balanced meals that keep your child healthy.  This all helps to maintain your child’s balanced lifestyle.

There are hundreds of diabetes camps around the world and finding the right one is a matter of opinion. You and your child should choose the best camp that suits your child’s needs. The American Camping Association is accredited for checking the proper credentials of medical staff and dieticians with back ground checks to ensure proper counseling guidelines. These camps have staff that is specifically trained with medical licenses to be prepared to deal with diabetic children. Do not be afraid to ask all of your questions. There is also a book that can be obtained through the ADA that can assist in choosing a camp.

Some of these types of camps can cost more due to the special care involved. However there are special grants and scholarships available for families with lower incomes. Check into your local community for more information on financial aid.

Diabetes Camps give your child the dream of being carefree, having fun and making new friends that are just like them. They get to experience camp life just as other children do. It also gives your child a summer or winter that provides a lifetime of memories and lifelong friendships.

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