Learn to Control Your Blood Sugar Naturally

vegetables Blood SugarIn the United States, studies show that diabetes cases have increased rapidly in recent times. As a means of addressing this increase, insulin and other diabetic medicines have been prescribed for most patients. For those that are born with it, medications are needed in controlling diabetes. While some people are born with diabetes, others simply develop it. Recent studies have shown that most people with a diabetic condition have developed it. This could be caused by genetic factors but is most likely caused by a lifestyle that includes poor eating habits. In this case, other means, such as changing your lifestyle, should be tried first before starting medication.

What we eat affects our body’s ability to manage the blood sugar. Processed foods are not recommended to be part of our daily diet. This is because they contain not just sugar but also a high level of simple carbohydrates.

Nevertheless, there are other ways (other than medication) that can be used to control the level of sugars in our blood:
  1. Try eating small meals at least five times per day rather than larger meals only two or three times per day. Doing this helps to control sudden weight gain by managing the sugar levels in the body. Larger meals twice or three times in each day creates an imbalance in the sugar levels which can cause elements of gluttony.
  2. Be aware of the types of food you put into the body. Food which contains lots of sugar and carbohydrates are not recommended. Some vegetables, such as eggplant, potatoes and corn, are not recommended. This is because they break down very fast in the body and cause insulin to be released quickly. This can result in a sugar imbalance. On the whole, however, eating natural fiber vegetables is very good for diabetics because they slow the insulin release in the body.
  3. Eating fruits is better than eating something that contains refined sugar. Fruits should be eaten in moderate amounts. Dark colored fruits are more preferred because their impact to the sugar levels is much lower than the light colored fruits.
  4. Bean types such as white, black and kidney are a good source of fiber. This also slows the level of sugars released into the blood.
  5. Diet supplements are good for the body. They help in the conversion of glucose to energy which reduces the sugar levels in the body.

Even if you are on medication, try these lifestyle changes to regulate your sugar levels. They will certainly help in improving your condition as well as your overall health. This does not mean that you should put aside your medication. Both methods can be used at the same time. If classified as having developed diabetes, try adopting the above methods before starting on medication. Do this over a period of time to see if it gives you the desired results. For those who do not have diabetes at this time, it does not mean you cannot develop it. It is always better to prevent it first by trying out these natural methods. For all of your health plans, make sure you first discuss them with your doctor.

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