Diabetic Children – What’s in Your Child’s Lunchbox?

Snacks for Diabetic ChildrenAn obesity epidemic is blossoming across America. It has been recently discovered that more and more school children are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This rise is mainly attributed to children not eating healthy food. Lots of these kids prefer fast foods which are mainly composed of processed ingredients and contain very high numbers of calories. Children also do little or no exercise. Most of the time is spent on watching television and playing video games indoors. Many parents do very little to limit the portion intake of their children and it basically goes uncontrolled.

Schools have also done little to address the problem of childhood obesity. The foods served in school dining halls contain a lot of calories. Often meals have high fat content and little nutritional value.  This presents a serious problem for school age children with diabetes because they usually have a managed diet and are often held to a much stricter food regime than their non-diabetic peers.

Busy work schedules for parents almost impossible for them to have the time to prepare their children a healthy lunch box. What has happened is that parents in order to save time and hassle let kids simply chose what they want to eat. Parents in general can help solve the problem by choosing healthier lunches for their kids so that they are not eating school lunches and getting the proper nutrition that they need.

Parents can help make lunch time for a diabetic child easier by showing them that choices other than candy and chips can be just as delicious as unhealthy choices.  Parents can help kids to get into the new routine by allowing them to choose which healthy snacks that they want in their lunch boxes such as fruit and fresh vegetables.

Children will learn a lot from these practices:

  1. This practice increases a child’s level of understanding. They will get to know what it means to have a good diet. They will be informed about the importance of healthy foods to the human body.
  2. Even with the disease of diabetes, these kids will be able to maintain their bodies in a very healthy state. At some point in future this could help them avoid the complications that are associated with this disease.
  3. Independence: A child’s level of independence grows. They begin to take on responsibility knowing that they have to account for each action they take. This helps them to mature much faster than the other children.
  4. Discipline: A child’s level of discipline begins to grow. They know that there is a particular diet that they have to go with. Unlike other children, this disciplined attitude will follow them as they mature and will help them to better manage their diabetes later in life. They respect the ability for one to live a disciplined life style.

Lunch time for children with type 2 diabetes can be both fun and healthy.  With these suggestions children, no longer have to feel isolated from their peers while they are eating.

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