Holiday Eating Tips for Type 2 Diabetics

Holiday Cookies

The year is coming to an end and the holiday season is approaching fast. Holidays for many people are about eating, having fun, and getting together. Many though do not balance these activities well. Eating usually takes the center stage and this has caused some trouble in terms of how many calories you end up taking in during the festive season. This additional weight is in most cases a danger to your health. Here’s some basic advice on what you are likely to encounter and how a person with Type 2 diabetes should react in these different food situations.

Parties: A number of parties come up during this period. Thanksgiving and the festive season events are often focused on eating.  Lots of food is prepared at these events. You need to be picky about what you will eat otherwise you will cause yourself some serious health problems. Always select the low fat, low calorie foods in order for you to stay in the safe zone.

Many stores also like to give food as gifts or as free samples.  Many of these food gifts are not good for diabetics and often include candy and chocolate bars.  Throw them away or give them to someone else who can enjoy them.  Do not be tempted by these treats as they are calories that you simply do not need.

Holidays are a time to gather a time to meet with family members after a whole years work. It is a time to give and a time to receive, and a time to make merry. Family gatherings can be the biggest source of threats to your eating habits because after all how can you turn down the gingerbread cookies or the scones that your sister spent all day making?  The best way to avoid eating because of the pressure of family and friends is to create a distraction.

Find time to be active in the kitchen, engaging in serving, clearing the dishes.  Be the noise maker. Pretend you are eating more than the rest. That way you will cut back on what would have otherwise been served to you and no one will be paying attention to how much you actually ate.

You need to control yourself; so many delicious treats will pass right under your noise but you need to learn to speak to your mind. This can be difficult sometimes, but you need to remain focused on your goal which should be healthy eating and taking control of you weight. Carry your own homemade snacks to the events you are to attend.  Engage in exercise can also be a great way to deal with the holiday eating if you happen to slip up.

However, many of us often forget that the holiday season is really about having fun not about food.  Focus on your enjoyment of the season outside of the kitchen.  Do lots of merry making, meet old friends and create new ones.  If you get into a situation where food is involved simply follow these tips to stay healthy through this season.

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