Insulin Pumps And New Airport TSA Screening

TSA Insulin PumpThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently implemented new screening procedures for passengers that will involve scanning the full body and more encroaching body checks. The body checks will be for those people who for any reason are not able to pass the scan. That latest issue is raised by people living with disabilities (PWDs). It remains to be seen how diabetic patients wearing insulin pumps will be affected by the new measures.

One of the travelers who happened to talk to the New York Times recently indicated the embarrassment that they had to withstand while each part of their body was being felt with detail by the TSA personnel. This was at the WN Airport in Washington. According to the passenger flying has now become very frustrating.

Given the situation, TSA has not been helpful in making a comment on the prevailing situation regarding diabetes. Some legal advocacy groups have raised similar concerns given that there is not set standard in which these checks are done. Much as some have adopted the measures other are still using the old measures of walking through a metal detector

Product guidelines for the devices have sent forth guidelines restricting pump-holders from going through the scan. The only remaining option for the PWDs is patting them down.

The remaining solution for change rests in the affected parties to teaming up and creating a joint advocacy forum in order to lobby TSA for more relaxed rules.

From the above story and many similar ones in the past, it has become a real inconvenience for the traveling public. The War on Terror has had its toll on the entire humanity. Everyone including the TSA is doing whatever it takes within their means to ensure that air travel is safe for the US public. PWDs can be made to feel more comfortable while adhering to the rules if both parties take steps to do the following:

  1. Communication between both parties: Advocacy groups working for PWDs should sit down with the TSA to ensure that they come with an amicable understanding of the situation. However this should not compromise the major goal of ensuring safety for all passengers.
  2. Information sharing: These measures have not been popular in the eyes of the public in general.  Despite the fact that security is still paramount, the TSA could find a way of informing the public that their plight is being addressed. This could probably be achieved through improved technological advancements.
  3. Get feedback from the public on how best to deal with the situation without loosing sight of the key objective. The public will feel more as part of the solution and PWDs can feel that their needs are being addressed.

Both parties should know that reaching a happy medium might not be the easiest thing to do. The prevailing circumstances regarding terror threats have caused our society to move on a continuous path of change. But this should not be done without putting into respect the dignity and security of each individual.

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