Develop a Plan to Manage Diabetes Effectively

Diabetes ManagementWhen you are diagnosed with the disease of diabetes, you must set out immediately to establish a plan to manage the disease.  Diabetes is rarely totally curable, but many good actions you can take can lower the health risks, and impact on your life if you are willing to work at it really hard.  The best thing to start with in any good plan is organization, an outline and goals to achieve.

Begin a detailed written record of what you will need to do to lessen the serious impact of diabetes on your life.  You will be establishing a long term plan.  The record and plan is far different than simply daily monitoring of glucose levels and make sure you take the right dosage of insulin or other medications.

You need to see an eye doctor or optometrist on a yearly basis.  Diabetes can severely impact the health of your eyes and can even cause blindness.  Get your eyes checked and monitor any abnormal symptoms caused by diabetes.  Sometimes you will need to be seen more often than annually, and you should put that detail in your plan.

Diabetes can cause severe foot problems.  Ulcers can develop and become infected.  Your plan should include a good foot doctor.  Exams should be scheduled per the doctor’s orders, but be prepared to go more than once per year.  Add this to your plan.  Still, do not forget that you have to monitor your feet and skin on a daily basis to check for any signs of ulcers or skin problems.  Do not wait until a problem gets out of hand before going to the podiatrist. Well sell a number of Diabetic Foot Cremes to help with some of the issues associated with diabetes and feet.

Blood pressure is another area that can be adversely affected by diabetes.  Good management of your diabetes will dictate that you add regular blood pressure checks to your plan.  You may have to monitor your blood pressure daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually, or annually.  Note on your plan the necessity of blood pressure checking and frequency.

Diabetes can weaken your immune system so you should add to your managing plan everything that can help bolster you immune system such as Flu shots, H1N1 Flu shots (you can now get the two types of shots combined) and pneumonia vaccines.  Your plan will be incomplete if you do not have reminders of when to get your shots and vaccines and when you actually receive them.

Your diabetes management plan will need to include very important blood tests that are done on a semi-annual or annual basis.  You will need an A1C Blood Test to monitor blood-sugar levels to make sure they are in a good control range.  Cholesterol checks help to let you know you are not developing heart problems.  Finally, creatinine checks make sure your kidneys are functioning properly.

A good nutrition diet and regularly scheduled and performed exercise will round out a full diabetes management plan.  Both diet and exercise have been shown to be great impact reduction tools in your arsenal.

Establish your diabetes management plan.  Know what to monitor and when.  Detail the results so you know when something is not right.  Get immediate medical help when an issue arises.  Your plan will let you control your diabetes and not have your disease controlling you.

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