3 Tips for a Diabetes Friendly Thanksgiving

Diabetes ThanksgivingAll holidays, especially Thanksgiving, can be difficult for people with diabetes.  Even though Thanksgiving is all about food, you don’t have to feel left out. There is no need to stay at home moping around while others are having a feast. There are some limitations, but if you have a good strategy, nothing can keep you from having a good time.

1 . Prepare for the Dinner

If you are hosting the dinner, it is easy to have plenty of healthy food.  However, if you are going to a dinner hosted by one of your friends or family, you need to make preparations. Your host is probably someone you know very well. You can just give them some tips about healthy foods for you. Another option is to bring a side dish with you. This ensures that you will have something to eat and it makes the host happy since you are contributing to the dinner. You should also prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner by exercising and taking your medicines properly.

2. Turkey and Side Dishes

One tip for the Thanksgiving dinner is to eat as much turkey as possible. By avoiding the skin and fat and concentrating on the turkey breast, it is possible to fill yourself up and have less need for side dishes. Turkey has no sugar or carbs and a small amount of fat. You should compromise on side dishes by not eating the stuffing or the cranberry sauce (which are high in carbs). It is better to have small portions of either mashed potatoes or macaroni. Small portions of sweet potatoes are fine, but it is recommended that you pass on the gravy and dinner rolls. Most vegetables like carrots, sweet beans and corn are high in carbs and sugar. Green vegetables, such as broccoli, green beans or green salads are much better choices.

3. Desserts and Drinks

Desserts are the trickiest part of the Thanksgiving dinner. There are probably no sugarless desserts on the table. You have two ways of approaching desserts. The first option is to bake or buy a no sugar added pie or cake and bring it with you to the Thanksgiving dinner. Your host will be grateful and you will be sure to get some dessert. Another option is to try the smaller portions of the regular desserts. A recommended strategy is to wait a few hours after dinner to try the desserts. An after dinner walk or other type of activity are excellent ways to burn off calories from dinner.  Then you can take a spoonful or two from each dessert. This way it is possible to satisfy your cravings without going overboard. You could also have some turkey right before or after dessert to help you balance the protein and the carbs.

Drink a lot of water with your dinner and try to avoid drinking too much alcohol. Alcoholic drinks are high in sugar in and can clash with your medications.

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