How to Work With a Dietitian to Manage Your Diabetes

Working with a dietitian to manage your weight can be a valuable resource for controlling your diabetes. However, many people do not take full advantage. Here are some tips for working with a dietitian to help you get better results.

Make Multiple Visits

To get the full benefits of working with a dietitian seek out one that has been trained as a certified diabetes educator (CDE). This certification means that the dietitian has undergone extra training in order to understand how your diet affects your diabetes treatment regime.

You should visit your dietitian roughly every six months in order to make adjustments to your treatment plan. If you are having trouble managing your blood sugar, talk to your dietitian about these issues.

Create a Meal Plan

Your meal plan should include several meal ideas for each day of the week that will work well with your daily routine. A good dietitian can also teach you how to count carbohydrates, control portion sizes and calorie intake in order to manage your weight. If you want to get the most benefits from having a dietitian as part of your diabetes care team, then it is a good idea for you to take initiative.

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