Tips to Increase Your Physical Activity Levels

If you are struggling to establish a workout routine to help you manage your weight and your diabetes, getting started may simply require that you make some changes to your current lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you exercise so that you can improve your help.


Invite a Friend to Workout With You

Bringing a friend along when you workout is an important motivator for helping you to stay in shape. Having a friend that you can call or setting goals for the both of you can help when you need a bit of encouragement to stick with your workout routine.


Create Small Rewards

Using weight loss as the reward can make it harder for you to reach your goals. Instead put more energy into creating small milestone rewards that you can celebrate along the way.


Create Visual Reminders

Posting notes around your house or keeping your shoes that you use to go running near the door can help to increase the likelihood that you will workout that day. Visual reminders are helpful for reminding you of the importance of working out each day.


Keep a Journal

Keeping a journal of when you did exercise and the specific times can help you to maintain a schedule that you will stick to. Make sure to record how much time you spent exercising.

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