Why You Should Wear a Medical Alert Bracelet When You Have Diabetes

Medical alert bracelets are the best way that patients with many illnesses, including diabetes, can be identified so that others are aware that they have the conditions that require specific medical care.


How Do Medical Alert Bracelets Help People With Diabetes?

 Medical alert bracelets are very important for people that have diabetes. If you happen to experience an episode of low blood glucose and you are feeling confused or unresponsive, the bracelet will allow other people, including bystanders and emergency medical professions to identify and get you the treatment that you need quickly.

 Emergency personnel can also use medical alert bracelets to identify you as a patient that has diabetes if you are unable to do so on your own due to injury or other problems. When you arrive at the hospital, one of the routine parts of evaluating people that have been critically injured or are unconscious is to inspect them physically. A medical alert bracelet can help to save time in this process.


What Information Should Your Medical Alert Bracelet Have?


Make sure that your medical alert bracelet includes the following:

  •  An emergency contact name and phone number
  • The name of your doctor
  • A place where your full medical history can be obtained (such as a medical card in your wallet)
  • Whether you are insulin-dependent or medication controlled

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