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Accu-Chek Test Strips Compact Plus - 102 ct.

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  • SKU: 7553759884-R
  • Brand: Accu Chek

$ 190.00

  • Automatic Coding & Testing
  • Alternate Test Sites
  • Preloaded Drums
  • Window shows remaining Test Strips
  • Expiration 7+ months
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Accu-Check Compact Plus Test Strips are a convenient way to manage your day to day glucose testing while still providing fast accurate test results. Their handy 17 strip pre-loaded drums eliminate the need to handle small individual test strips. Diabetics who have attempted to load sometimes tiny strips into a blood-glucose meter can attest to how frustrating it can be. Small required blood samples and alternate site testing make Accu-Chek Diabetic Test Strips one of the least painful glucose test strips on the market. This system is designed for simple use by people of all ages, thanks to features such as auto calibration and automatic loading and discarding of test strips.

An important feature of any testing system for diabetics is the ease of use. Accu Chek Compact Plus systems are very easy to use, and the strips reflect the sensibility behind the whole system. The strips are excellent for patients suffering from arthritis as well as young patients who are learning to monitor and manage their diabetes; the pre-loaded test strips are easy to use, which contributes to greater adherence to monitoring programs set up by a physician. Keeping up with doctor's recommendations is of vital importance for diabetics, because well-regulated blood sugar means the difference between a healthy lifestyle and serious complications.

The Accu-Chek Compact Plus system also requires a very small sample size, which means that alternative testing sites are allowed with this meter, setting it apart from many of its competitors. The strips are optimized for alternate-site testing, offering results in as little as 8 seconds. The strips and the system only require a 1.5 microliter blood sample; this means that blood can be taken from almost anywhere on the body and provide an accurate reading. Because the system also functions almost automatically updating the count of strips left in the current load, for example it's a more carefree system than many others, and the strips are recommended by many physicians because of the easy-load features. If you are squeamish or dislike handling used strips, these strips are used by the system in such a way that you need never touch them once they're loaded - an excellent plus for many patients. The 1.5 microliter sample size means that you can be confident that your results are absolutely accurate; even though the sample is tiny, it is very easy to obtain, and analysis isn't plagued by potential errors that some other systems with infinitesimally small samples can have.

Accu Chek Compact Plus Test Strips Features:

  • Automatic Testing: Accu-Chek Compact Plus test strips automatically load new test strips and discard used test strips. The unique drum automatically replaces a used test strip with a new one eliminating the need to handle small test strips every time you use the meter. A convenient window on the back of the meter lets you know exactly how many test strips remain in the drum. This equates to less wasted diabetic test strips and faster testing. All coding is done automatically when you place a new drum into the meter.
  • Small Blood Samples: These test strips only require 1.5 micro liters of blood making daily testing less painful. Some other test strips require more.
  • Alternate Test Sites: Accu-Chek Compact Plus test strips allow you to use test sites other than your finger tip. Alternate test site include: palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh and calf. No more painful testing in the same spot every time. Minimizing pain has shown to be of major benefit in encouraging patients to adhere to a diabetes maintenance plan.
  • Fast Accurate Test Results: The Accu-Chek Compact Plus test strips offer results in as little as 8 seconds. The convenient pre-loaded drums mean no more struggling with individual test strips.
  • Great for Arthritis Patients: The ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus Plus drum of 17 preloaded test strips has received the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-Of-Use Commendation. In independent lab testing, the ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus Plus test strip drum was found to help people living with arthritis check their blood sugar easily.


  • Includes 102 Accu-Chek Compact Plus Test Strips (6 drums with 17 test strips each)


Disclaimer: The Accu-Chek Compact PLUS Test Strips are compatible with the Accu-Chek Compact PLUS Meter only.

Brand: Accu Chek

Category: Glucose Test Strips

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$ 190.00

Accu-Check Compact Plus Test Strips are a convenient way to manage your day to day glucose testing while still providing fast a...
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