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Improvements in Shorter 6mm Insulin Syringes:

Through continuous research and ground-breaking technological advances, doctors today understand the ins and outs of diabetes much better than they did even 30 years ago. In addition, products, services, diabetes accessories and implements have improved exponentially, influenced by these technological advances made in both independent and sponsored scientific research. Shop for BD insulin syringes 6mm 31 gauge below.

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The Benefits of 6mm Insulin Needles

Although diabetics have known for years that shorter needle lengths, such as 6mm (15/64") insulin needles, can cause less intramuscular pain than do longer needles, it has not been until rather recently that scientists have cited the improved efficacy of shorter needles in insulin absorption and have noted reduced reported side effects, such as hypoglycemia.

Shorter needle sizes have improved a diabetic's everyday experiences. Insulin-dependent diabetics no longer need to use long, 12mm syringes when administering insulin. Because of this, along with improved surgical grade stainless steel needles, UV-bonded needles and maximum point geometry, painful insulin injections are now a thing of the past.

6mm Insulin Syringes

Total Diabetes Supply offers a wide variety of 6mm insulin syringes in a wide range of different manufacturer brands and varying cc capacity from .3cc to 1cc. Shop Bd Becton Dickinson and SureComfort products for brands that you know and trust in the diabetes care industries. Total Diabetes Supply is proud to provide our customers with the highest-quality and shortest 6mm insulin needles on the market today.

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Shop our selection of insulin syringes in shorter 6mm lengths to help keep your diabetes management routine affordable, easy and free from pain. Unsure about exactly what 6mm insulin syringe is needed for your insulin injections? Discuss the products available with your doctor to determine which product is right for you. Have questions about the different features and the differences between the products you see here at Total Diabetes Supply? Don't hesitate to contact our helpful and knowledgeable customer service team via Live Chat, phone or by email. We're available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.