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We, at Total Diabetes Supply, want to ensure that your pet's diabetes is under control by providing a complete range of diabetes control equipment like insulin syringes, diabetes test strips, and glucose level monitoring devices. Our all products are quality tested and are highly effective in keeping your pet healthy. We offer insulin syringes of high quality in different sizes, including 1/2" and 5/16" which makes it easy to measure the dosage and to inject insulin in the body. Choosing the right size of the syringe is extremely important so as to inject the exact quantity of the insulin as prescribed by the veterinary doctor. We advise you to choose the smallest syringe for your pet because, in smaller syringes, markers are clearly visible. If your dosage is more than or equal to the maximum quantity which can be contained in the syringe, then it is advised that you should choose the next big size of the syringe. This is also beneficial if you plan to increase your dosage in the near future. Our syringes help in injecting insulin in accurate quantities and smoothly into the body of your pet causing very little or no pain. The syringes are made up of surgical grade material and use stainless steel needle, which is firmly fixed in the syringe so that it doesn't pop off at the time of injecting. It is recommended that you should choose a syringe which is easy to hold with one hand.

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We also have in stock, test strips which can be used with iPet glucose meter for accurately measuring the glucose levels of your pets. We have separate strips for cats and dogs. By measuring the accurate glucose levels of your pet, you can easily decide the route of medication for diabetes.

We assure that our products are up to the mark and are recommended by many veterinary doctors all over the world because of it. We offer a whole gamut of diabetes care products for pets as well as human beings. We understand that diabetes is a lethal disease and it is important to keep a track of insulin levels at regular intervals to prevent its negative effects on health. We strive to offer the world class products to keep your pets safe. Not only our products are efficient, but they are also affordable and budget friendly so that you don't have to shell out a large sum of money to keep your loving pet healthy and fit.