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For those diabetics who depend on their insulin pumps to manage their disease via infusion, Total Diabetes Supply has the products, accessories and infusion therapy supplies you need to keep your diabetes in check and under control.
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Infusion Therapy for Greater Control

There are many reasons to choose insulin pumps to manage one's diabetes. Many of those who have diabetes have indicated that insulin pumps that use infusion therapy allow them greater control over their insulin delivery methods, allowing them to tailor their needs to their activity levels, meals and other factors that may affect blood glucose levels.

Many factors go into the decision to use an insulin pump. Additionally, much thought must go into what type of insulin pump is right for you. Each insulin pump is different — some glucose control methods include short-acting insulin, and some include rapid-acting insulin. Insulin pumps' features are dependent upon what products, features and type of therapy is right for you, your situation and your needs.

Infusion Therapy Supplies

When one chooses to take the plunge into diabetes and blood sugar control via infusion, there are many supplies and accessories needed to use and maintain one's infusion set. Total Diabetes Supply has all the infusion supplies that are needed to help you successfully manage your infusion therapy needs.

Total Diabetes Supply Makes Shopping Easy

Shop via our infusion supply subcategories, which include IV therapy, syringes, infusion needles, collection sets, syringes and needles and extension sets. You can also shop by brand (Bard Medical; MD Becton Dickinson, Braun, EMED Technology Corp.; Exel Corporation; ICU Medical, Inc.; Kendal Healthcare; Smiths Medical; and Vygon USA). We offer a selection of gauges that range from 16g through 30g as well as CC capacities from 60cc to .3cc.

Infusion Supply, Accessories Available

Choose syringes, hypodermic needles, vacutainer holders, cell prep tubes, blood collection needles, extension sets, wrap-around belts, caution labels, stabilization devices and more. At Total Diabetes Supply, we understand the needs of diabetics who have chosen infusion therapy for their treatment needs. This is why we strive to bring you the best products and brands at the best prices.