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OneTouch Ping Animas Insulin Pump Kit

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One Touch Ping Meter is the intelligent glucose management system with one thing on its mind: working together to help you perform at your best.

Like other insulin pump systems, Animas One Touch Ping frees you from multiple daily injections and gives you the ability to quickly and easily adjust your insulin based on your body's immediate needs.

But unlike other systems, Animas One Touch Ping Meter delivers the double whammy in terms of smarts. The pump is packed with unique capabilities that may be accessed both wirelessly (by using the meter-remote) and manually. And the meter-remote, with its full set of functions, is designed to make your life with diabetes easier and more discreet. In fact, you can even dose your insulin from it.

And it comes with something else no other pumping system does: dedicated Animas support.

Animas One Touch Ping Insulin Pump Features:

  • Matches your body's needs like no other system - OneTouch Ping gives you the smallest basal increment available (0.025 U/hr) for more precise basal dosing. So if you need 0.025, 0.675 or 1.075 U/hr to perform at your best, we can deliver. Talk about fine-tuned control.
  • Serious communication skills - The One Touch Ping meter remote and the Animas One Touch Ping insulin pump communicate and share information wirelessly. In addition to testing blood glucose, the meter-remote can actually control pump functions. This means that the meter-remote can calculate a bolus and tell the pump to deliver it. It also lets you view things like your basal rate without having to look at your pump.
  • Smart about your carbs - The meter-remote can store the nutritional values of 500 of your favorite foods, via CalorieKing, for easy and accurate carb counting on the go. Using ezManager Max software, you can even customize the database or enter your own favorites (like Mom's chicken soup). That means you can rest assured you're giving yourself the most precise insulin dose, wherever, whenever.
  • It's got beauty as well as brains - The Animas One Touch Ping meter has a flat panel color screen that uses the same screen technology as the latest televisions and digital cameras. The screen is also self-illuminating and high contrast for readability and viewable from a wide angle. Plus the Animas One Touch Ping Meter comes in five brilliant colors.
  • It can hold its breath underwater - The Animas One Touch Ping meter is tested and proven waterproof up to 12 feet for 24 hours so you can jump in the pool or get caught in the rain without worry.
  • 24/7 support - Questions about your pump? Call 1-877-YES-PUMP (877-937-7867, option 3)
  • 5 Stylish Colors to Choose From - Blue, Black, Silver, Pink, and Green


  • OneTouch Ping Insulin Pump Kit
    • One Touch Ping Insulin Pump
    • Low Profile Clip
    • ezManager Software and download/upload cable
    • Low Profile Clip
    • Owner's Booklet
  • OneTouch Ping Meter Remote kit
    • One Touch Ping Meter Remote
    • OneTouch Ultra Control Solution
    • OneTouch Lancing Device
    • OneTouch AST Clear Cap
    • OneTouch UltraSoft Sterile Lancets
    • Carrying Case
    • Two 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries (batteries included but not installed)
    • OneTouch Ultra Test Strips
    • USB Cable


  • Manufactured by Animas

Our Insulin Pumps require a Physician's Order Prior to Shipment. If you would like to order an Insulin Pump from us please fax a prescription to (800) 931-1915.

Brand: Animas Corporation

Category: Insulin Pump Supplies

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One Touch Ping Meter is the intelligent glucose management system with one thing on its mind: working together to help you perf...
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