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Diabetes Sentry Hypoglycemic-Symptom Alarm

$ 431.99

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The Diabetes Sentry is an affordable, life-changing device for the detection of nocturnal hypoglycemia symptoms, no needles required! Our truly innovative diabetes sentry health monitors are worn like a wristwatch and provides monitoring for two of the most common symptoms of hypoglycemia, an increase in perspiration and/or a decrease in skin temperature. When symptoms are detected, the device sounds a loud audible alarm, loud enough to alert you even while asleep.

This hypoglycemia watch provides you with the time needed to remedy your condition and avoid the physical dangers of hypoglycemia as well as the costs and complexity of emergency medical care. Now you can sleep peacefully through the night knowing you're protected by the Diabetes Sentry Health Monitors.

Diabetes Sentry Health Monitors are patented and FDA approved. It is designed to recognize the two primary symptoms of hypoglycemia which is a decrease in skin temperature and increase in perspiration. When the device detects these two responses in the body, an audible alarm will sound to wake you out of your sleep. The alarm with sound in the case of two different blood sugar events. The first one is when blood sugars are above normal levels and suddenly drop at a rapid rate. The body will react to this rapid drop by increasing perspiration and or dropping skin temperature. Diabetes Sentry Health Monitors will monitor this event and the alarm will sound. The second event it will monitor for is when a individuals blood sugars drop below normal, the body reacts to this by going into defense mode, increasing perspiration and or decreasing skin temperature. In this event, the device will also sound.


Notes & Information

Diabetes Sentry Health Monitors are affordable, non-invasive, wearable electronic device which sounds an alarm while being worn on the wrist, ankle, or bicep of persons with diabetes whose blood glucose has begun to trend downward. In 90% of the cases, persons with diabetes show one or both of two hallmark symptoms of trending toward hypoglycemia, increased perspiration and a drop in skin temperature. This patient base is considered to be symptomatic. The 10% of individuals with diabetes that do NOT demonstrate either or both of these two symptoms are called asymptomatic and commonly referred to as hypoglycemia unawareness. This small population should not use the device since an alarm will NOT sound in the absence of these symptoms.

The symptoms may present, based on the individualss unique biochemistry, at any blood glucose reading but not unless the blood glucose levels are dropping. A subject who has experienced the alarm must then take his blood glucose reading to determine if in fact it has dropped low enough to take treatment measures. In many cases, the alarm will sound when the blood glucose levels are not low but if the alarm has sounded the levels are dropping and the symptoms have presented. Obviously the prudent subject is then put on notice by the device that the blood glucose is trending toward hypoglycemia.

Diabetes Sentry Health Monitors are ideal solutions for those individuals not requiring the expense and complications of a continuous glucose monitoring system as well as a great companion for individuals wearing a continuous glucose monitor because it provides an additional warning to complement the benefits of wearing the much more expensive system and should NOT be considered to be an alternative.

**PLEASE NOTE: Return Policy:

  • 1. 14 day return policy.
  • 2. Device must be returned in its original packing and in new condition, prying open the electronic device cancels the warranty. No refunds or replacements will be forthcoming if the device has been tampered with. Destruction of the battery terminals, usually due to incorrect installation of batteries, will void the warranty.
  • 3. Upon receipt of the returned device it will be shipped to the factory for inspection to determine qualification for credit.
  • 4. A 35% reconditioning charge will be subtracted from the refunded amount.


Brand: Diabetes Sentry

Category: Health Monitors

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$ 431.99

The Diabetes Sentry is an affordable, life-changing device for the detection of nocturnal hypoglycemia symptoms, no needles req...
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