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Minimed Paradigm Real-Time Revel Insulin Pump

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The MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel System combines continuous glucose monitoring with an insulin pump. The MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel System allows people with diabetes the ability to see their glucose patterns and gives them the tools to react quickly.

A wireless transmitter sends information from a glucose sensor to the glucose monitor for readings every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. Users specify the amount of insulin they want the pump to deliver based on the readings and their meals.

Minimed Paradigm Real-Time Revel 523 Pump Features:

REAL Insights With Glucose Sensors

      • Inserts under the skin in a virtually painless process
      • Measures current glucose levels every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day
      • Fingersticks are required to calibrate the glucose sensor and before making treatment decisions

REAL-Time Readings

      • 60% of lows may be missed by fingerstick testing1
      • Glucose readings updated every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day
      • Increases glycemic awareness and promotes proactive control

REAL-Time Trend Information

      • Trend arrows show the direction and rate of glucose level changes, enabling preventative action
      • Enables users to address even brief fluctuations in glucose levels. This can impact the development of long-term diabetes complications, such as eye, nerve, kidney and heart disease4,5
      • Trend graphs reveal the effects of diet, exercise, insulin, and medication on glucose levels
      • Works with CareLink Software for online data management and retrospective analysis

REAL-Time Alerts

      • With the use of predictive alerts, hypoglycemic event detection improved by 36% compared to the low glucose alert alone 6-8
      • Warn of low and high glucose levels that fingersticks or A1C testing alone may not reveal9
      • Result in significant reduction in duration of hypoglycemic events

REAL Innovations

      • Easy-to-use menu navigation
      • Millions of safety checks for safe, reliable use
      • Downloadable continuous glucose trend histories from the user's pump onto a computer
      • Insights can help fine-tune basal rates and other settings for efficient therapy optimization1-3

BOLUS Wizard Calculator

      • Calculates required insulin dose for meals and hyperglycemic corrections
      • Uses personal settings, blood glucose reading, carbohydrate reading, and active insulin inside the body to suggest a bolus amount
      • Reduces math errors, improves dosage accuracy, and avoids hypoglycemia after meals10

REAL Comfort

      • Worn on belt, or under clothing
      • Tiny and discreet
      • Easy and painless glucose sensor insertion

5 Stylish Colors!

    • Choose from Blue, Pink, Clear, Purple or Smoke


  • Glucose sensor
  • MiniMed Paradigm 523 insulin pump
  • MiniMed Paradigm infusion sets
  • CareLink Software


  • Manufactured by Medtronic Minimed

Our Insulin Pumps require a Physician's Order Prior to Shipment. If you would like to order an Insulin Pump from us please fax a prescription to (800) 931-1915.

Brand: Medtronic Minimed

Category: Insulin Pump Supplies

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$ 6,447.38

The MiniMed Paradigm REAL-Time Revel System combines continuous glucose monitoring with an insulin pump. The MiniMed Paradigm R...
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