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PediaSure Peptide 1.5 Ready-to-Drink Vanilla / 8-fl-oz (237-mL) bottle - One Each

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Pediasure Peptide 1.5, Vanilla, Ready-to-Feed, Institutional

PediaSure Peptide 1.5 Cal

Peptide-Based Nutrition for Children

  • PediaSure Peptide 1.5 is a nutritionally complete, peptide-based formula for the nutritional needs of children 1-13 years with malabsorption, maldigestion, and other GI conditions. It is designed to meet the nutritional and caloric needs of kids who require higher caloric density, have fluid restrictions, and are at risk for malnutrition.
  • For oral or tube feeding.
  • For supplemental or sole-source nutrition.
  • Use under medical supervision.


  • Nutrient blend designed to help support tolerance and absorption:
    • Hydrolyzed whey-dominant protein.
    • Nutraflora scFOS* prebiotic.
    • Structured lipids.
  • Nutrition to help support:
    • Absorption.
    • Tolerance.
    • Growth and development.
  • Meets or exceeds 100% of the DRIs for protein and 25 essential vitamins and minerals for children 1 to 8 years of age in 667 mL (1000 Cal); for children 9 to 13 years of age in 1000 mL (1500 Cal).
  • Only peptide-based pediatric product with Kosher status.
  • Halal.
  • Kosher.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Suitable for lactose intolerance.


  • PediaSure Peptide 1.5, Vanilla, RTF, Institutional - Item #: 5256655 - 1 8oz Bottle

Brand: Abbott Nutrition

Category: Enteral

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Pediasure Peptide 1.5, Vanilla, Ready-to-Feed, InstitutionalPediaSure Peptide 1.5 CalPeptide-Based Nutrition for Children Pedia...
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