Fall Foods are Perfect for a Diabetic

          As you may know, the fall equinox of this year passed just recently on September 22, 2018. This momentous day marks the farewell to summer, and the first day of the season of autumn, more commonly known as fall. Depending on where you live, this can mark the start of leaves changing color, temperatures dropping, and pumpkin-related products everywhere you go! Fall is a lovely season for trying new things, and in this instance, we’re talking about fall foods. Fall foods are perfect for a diabetic because they are often low in sugar, while high in other nutrients. Of course, this should mean you should simply eat them all year round! Here are some of our top picks in fall foods that are delightful for diabetics.

  1. Apples

Apple-picking season picks up around this time of year, meaning fresh, delicious apples will be in abundance. Apples do contain carbohydrates, but make up for it with the many other nutrients they pack in each fruit, such as fiber. Fiber is key for a type 2 diabetic, since consumption of it can slow blood sugar levels rising while also granting you the feel of fullness for longer than if you had picked up that pumpkin-spice latte (full of sugar, by the way!). You can eat them whole when you’re on the go, or even bake them with cinnamon and top it off with a side of Greek yogurt for a delicious fall treat.

     2. Pumpkin Seeds

Now that pumpkins are going to be everywhere, it’s the perfect time to pick up this healthy snack! Once roasted in the oven, they’re the perfect snack for the season. They have polyunsaturated fats which are shown to lower your risk of heart disease, and two tablespoons have fewer than 5g of carbohydrates, perfect for your blood sugar. They also contain fiber! This is the healthy, fall alternative to chips you didn’t know you needed.

      3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a root vegetable you don’t want to miss out on. Because of the beta-carotene that makes these potatoes orange which converts into vitamin A, you’re assured to have a boost of health. In the body, vitamin A are necessary for many bodily processes, such as maintaining healthy vision, boosting your immune system, supports bone health, and can even lower risk of certain cancers. However, make sure you’re not tossing the skin! That’s where the fiber is, after all.

       4. Vegetable Soup

Vegetables are great sources of fiber, and antioxidants as well. Not only that, but soup is a great way to fill you up with fewer calories. This can make you more hesitant to reach for that less healthy snack you were eyeing before. Vegetable soups are a hearty mix of high levels of fibers and nutrients, and are a great way to warm you up as the autumn chill begins to set in. They’re a great way to take in a variety of vegetables and their benefits while also keeping you satisfied.