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Skin/Wound Care Supply
Unlike their non-diabetic counterparts, diabetics have to put constant care and thought into wound care with special attention to maintaining skin health and keeping bacteria at bay. Along with wound assessment, infection control, moisture balance, pressure offloading as well as other concerns, diabetic skin care is never far from the minds of the millions of diabetics worldwide.
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Not All Diabetic Tape is the Same

When dealing with diabetic and/or hypoallergenic medical tape for diabetic wound care, not all available wound or surgical tapes are in the same league. Diabetics need to take special care to ensure that the skin exposed to the surgical tape is healthy and happy. Additionally, diabetic medical tape needs to be durable, waterproof and gentle. Because these tapes are placed on various areas on the body, they have to be flexible and uniquely strong. They must resist fraying while being bacteria-resistant for ultimate skin health and to stave off infection.

Medical Tape/Surgical Tape: An Everyday Reality

Surgical tape is a part of everyday life for diabetics. Whether you need especially strong tape to keep your infusion sets and sensors in place or to help protect sensitive skin or cover wounds, Total Diabetes Supply has the reliable, hypoallergenic surgical tape you need for a wide variety of uses. With brands like 3M Healthcare, ConvaTec and ReliaMed, you're in good hands.

Total Diabetes Supply: Your Source for Diabetic/Medical Tape

Total Diabetes Supply offers the best in all your diabetic tape and hypoallergenic medical tape needs. We are your one-stop shop for every diabetic tape need you may have throughout your life. We understand the needs of diabetics and offer a comprehensive selection of products that are designed with you in mind!

We're Your Partner in Diabetes Supply

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