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The Importance of Diabetic Wound Care
Because of the dangers of infection that go along with diabetes, wound care is especially important. Staving off infection is priority number one in diabetic wound care. This is because once an infection is acquired, diabetics have an especially difficult time recovering from it. Because of their reduced immune system response, diabetics are more susceptible to infections. In wound care, diabetics may sometimes feel as if they are fighting a losing battle, but this doesn't have to be the case. Shop for bandage supplies below.
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Wound Care Technology

Today's technology in wound care is rapidly expanding. A deeper understanding of infections and innovative solutions in advanced wound care dressings such as medical-grade honey, silver or polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB) mean that today's diabetics have an arsenal of products and options available to them that weren't necessarily available a decade or two ago.

The Fight Against Infection

Sterile bandages and sterile gauze are at the front lines of the fight against infections in diabetics. These fundamental products are essential to have on hand in case of an injury. It is recommended that every diabetic have a first aid kit handy at their home, work or car in the event of an emergency.

One staple of a first aid kit are bandages. Total Diabetes Supply has the sterile bandages and gauze that are a must-have for any first aid care. Available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and presentations, you can count on us to cover all your sterile gauze and bandage needs.

Bandages & Gauze You Can Trust

It is imperative that diabetics trust their bandages and gauze to keep bacteria and infection at bay. This is why Total Diabetes Supply trusts only the best, most reliable brands in infection control and first aid. Shop by brand including Cardinal Health, Derma Sciences, DeRoyal, ConvaTec, Jobst, 3M Healthcare, ExpressionMed, Kendall Healthcare, Kerlix, Smith and Nephew and more.