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With the growing plague of type-2 diabetes, the right and easy supply of insulin is the need of the hour. At Total Diabetes, we understand the concern, which is why we bring the best insulin pumps you could find in the market. Insulin pumps are the innovative digital devices that could either provide a measured dosage of insulin at regular intervals or provide the dosage you find suitable. A plastic tube called catheter has to be inserted into the skin, which would then insert the appropriate amount of insulin in the body.

This method is an improvement over the traditional methods of inserting insulin, which can go wrong often and difficult to do without the supervision of a medical personnel. There are two modes of inserting insulin - the "basal" mode, which gives steady, measured amounts of insulin periodically, or the "bolus" mode, which could be taken during mealtimes at your own discretion. Insulin pumps cannot replace the normal pancreatic function of your body, so you will still have to monitor your glucose levels. But it does help to keep the problems of insulin under check, which is why many people are preferring insulin pumps.

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The measurement of insulin is done in Unit per hour (U/hr), for both bolus and basal intakes. We have insulin pumps with increments as small as 0.025 U/hr, which makes sure that you get exactly the amount of insulin you need. There are also inbuilt algorithms available to calculate the amount of bolus insulin. Some insulin pumps can also story the nutritional details of your food, which helps you to keep a track of your carbohydrate intake. Most of our insulin pumps are waterproof, which is a good thing since you will be wearing this device for long periods of time.

While buying an insulin pump, few key points need to be kept in mind. First, you must keep an estimate of the insulin you are currently taking, because many people unknowingly increase their insulin intake when moving over to a new routine. This amount must be divided between basal and bolus insulin (usually a ratio of 4:6), while also establishing the periods for basal doses (by dividing the total basal dosage by 24). The insulin dose and carbohydrate intake must be decided in accordance with your body functions, as it varies from person to person. We, at Total Diabetes Supply, understand these concern and our products are customized accordingly. We understand that diabetes is a severe condition, and we take utmost care in providing you with only the best of the products.