Diabetes is a lifelong disease; it stays even with proper treatment. If neglected, it can cause a number of serious complications that can be fatal in the long run. But it doesn’t mean you have to suffer helplessly. With the help of a support team, diabetic accessories and devices, and a relentless spirit, you can outsmart diabetes and keep the complications at bay. Even though diabetes can be managed successfully, it is not without drawbacks. The process of glucose monitoring, insulin injection and diet modifications can be cumbersome to most people. If you’re already suffering from minor diabetes complications, even normal day-to-day activities would take a lot of effort.

The good news is that there are plenty of diabetes supplies available online in the market today. Our diabetic accessories are specially designed to help in blood glucose monitoring, insulin injection and proper caring of your body. If you happen to be a caretaker of a diabetic patient or if you have a loved one suffering from the disease, these accessories will help you focus on the goal of managing diabetes and ultimately make you and your patient’s life easier.

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Below are the types of diabetic accessories that can help you in performing your daily activities. Always coordinate with your doctor if these accessories suit your needs.

Blood glucose log book or diary – you can make or print your own DIY chart or diary but there are better alternatives in the market that cost as cheap. Choose a monitoring log book based on your regimen. These monitoring log books are good for spotting weekly or monthly trends in your glucose results. You can record meals, medications taken, including vitamin and supplements, and use the notes section for other pertinent data, such as stress levels, exercise routines, symptoms and sleeping habits. The importance of noting these information is to track how certain meal, medications, exercise and events affect your blood glucose level. If your monitoring spans a number of years, it would be easier for you to spot seasonal changes.

Glucose tabs – dextrose tab or oral glucose tab is a quick fix for low blood sugar and can save your life. These chewable tablets contain monosaccharide or simple sugar to quickly elevate your blood sugar. Certain medications may interact with glucose tablets, so check with your GP before buying these.

Insulin coolers or organizers – if you often travel with your insulin, you need to have a dedicated cooling packs to keep it fresh. Insulin is a protein that is sensitive to high temperature. When subjected to heat, such as being exposed inside your car while travelling, it can break down into smaller proteins and renders it ineffective. Check if your insulin vial is looking a little cloudy; it is a sign that the contents have gone bad.

Skin care products – people with diabetes are prone to a lot of skin problems. Limit yourself from using too many different types of products to avoid a reaction. There are special healing creams for wound care, as well as products for proper skin maintenance. It is important to moisturize your skin - as dry skin could get injured easily – making infection a big possibility.

Glucose control solution – it is important in calibrating your glucose meters, and to check if your test strips are working properly. Certain monitoring devices need a particular control solution, so check if you’re buying the right product for your kit. Always check the expiration date of your control solution and test strips. It is recommended to use glucose control solution when:

- you have opened a new pack of test strips

- you have dropped or damaged your glucose meter

- you get an unusual result