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Diabetic Wounds: An Aggressive Response
Diabetic wound assessment, wound care and infection control requires a much more aggressive response and treatment plan than their non-diabetic counterparts. Each wound is a potential pitfall for health and treatment thanks to diabetics' elevated blood glucose levels, neuropathy (or nerve damage), circulation problems and immune system inefficiencies. Self-care and examination of the feet and other parts of the body are imperative to ensure skin health. Because of nerve damage, a diabetic may not notice a wound before the severity increases substantially and more aggressive measures must be taken for healing. Mitigate the effects of scrapes and scratches with our collection of diabetic wound healing cream.
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A Huge Selection of Diabetic Wound Care Products Available

Total Diabetes Supply offers the best in diabetic wound care including pain relief gels, liquids and creams. Choose from wound cleansers for bacteria-free surfaces as well as bandaging creams, barrier creams, antifungal moisture barrier creams, wound gels, topical anesthetics, antifungal powders, wound cleansers, adhesive sprays, hand antiseptics with moisturizers and more.

We carry products from well-known and well-respected brands such as 3M Healthcare, ConvaTec, Derma Rite, Dynarex, Elta, Fougera, Hollister, Smith and Nephew and more. From sprays and powders to gels, creams and liquids, we have all the products needed to keep a well-stocked first aid cabinet that will address any issue that may occur.

Total Diabetes Supply Understand Diabetics' Needs

Total Diabetes Supply understands all the products and needs involved in diabetic wound care including the underlying factors. We offer products that not only treat the wounds once they occur — we also offer high-quality products that prevent the wounds from happening in the first place. Maintaining a blood sugar level within your target zone, proper nutrition and choosing smart footwear and energizing stockings are all important to lay a foundation for optimal health and proper skin care.

We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and low, everyday prices on a huge variety of products and wound care items. Have questions? Don't hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to find the best products for your personal, unique needs.