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TENS Machines: Not Just for Doctors Anymore
Transcutaneous electrical nerve simulation units, also known as TENS machines, are a non-invasive, drug-free solution for chronic and occasional pain. Developed in the 1960s, these machines have historically been very expensive. They were only available to doctors' offices until recently. Now accessible to all patients for home use, Total Diabetes Supply carries an entire line of TENS machines and electrode patch replacements from a wide variety of manufacturers.
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How TENS Units Work

TENS units are an inexpensive way to treat pain at home. This proven therapy for pain makes use of electrical impulses that are controlled in a hand-held machine. The electrical signals are sent to electrodes, which are attached via reusable adhesives to the area of pain on the body. The signals work by "scrambling" the pain signals from brain by stimulating the nerves. TENS machines also increase endorphins, your body's natural pain-relief hormone.

Buy Replacement Electrode Patches for TENS Machines Here

In addition to TENS machines, Total Diabetes Supply has replacement electrode patches for TENS machines as well as other TENS unit accessories and supplies. Although these electrodes come with the purchase of the TENS unit, they occasionally need to be replaced as their adhesive properties become less sticky over time due to the skin's oils. Total Diabetes Supplies offers a wide variety of these TENS replacement electrode patches along with other supplies such as electrode gels, pediatric electrodes and more. Choose from a wide selection of shapes, sizes and colors depending on the brand you need.

Replacement Electrode Patches Brands

We carry many brands of replacement electrode patches for TENS machines including electrodes for 3M Healthcare, Bio Protech USA, Inc., Fabrication Enterprises, Kendal Healthcare, Pain Management Tech., Uni-Patch, Donby and more.

Total Diabetes Supply: Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shop our selection of replacement electrode patches for TENS machines with confidence: we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with each and every purchase. Total Diabetes Supply is here for you and your pain management needs.