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Health & Wellness Products for Diabetes Support

At Total Diabetes Supply, we know that when you live with diabetes, there may be many other things you must deal with. That's why we offer a full line of quality health and wellness products. From alert systems and blood pressure monitors to incontinence supplies, wound care products and infusion supplies, we have your back! As with all our products, we offer low prices for name brands, shipped quickly to your door. The home care products and supplies in our Health & wellness department will help make your life as a diabetic (or caring for a diabetic) more comfortable.

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Health Monitors, Medical Devices and Supplies

Browse our wide selection of health monitors, alerts systems and other medical equipment and accessories. We have blood pressure monitors, oximeters and fitness monitors. Medical devices include feeding pumps, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units and nebulizers. You'll find supplies such as infusion needles and syringes, CPAP accessories, urology equipment, over-the-counter diabetes medication and erectile dysfunction (ED) products. We have respiratory supplies and physical therapy items such as braces and hot/cold packs.

Incontinence and Wound Care

You'll find many different incontinence products for greater comfort and convenience, such as briefs, pads, liners, pants and hygiene items. Diabetic wound care supplies include bandages, dressings, wraps, tapes, liquids and gels, wipes, pads, swabs and various instruments specially designed for wound treatment.

Patient Care and Nursing Supplies

For safe and effective home care, whether it's for yourself or someone else, we carry professional grade products such as those you'd find in hospital settings. This includes exam gloves, stethoscopes and durable medical equipment such as shower chairs, walkers and toilet safety frames. There are also sleep aids and patient hygiene supplies.