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Your diabetes has taught you a lot about your body. It has also caused you to develop an intimate knowledge of how your body works. As a result of your diabetes, your body now depends on highly specialized items such as self-monitoring devices, syringes, pens and more. Adhesive tape is also something you need, particularly if you have the additional challenge of managing insulin pump sites, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors and other diabetes-management products and items. Diabetic adhesive tapes have to be comfortable and effective, particularly when dealing with specialized equipment that requires a lot of security in its placement.
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Adhesive Tape for Diabetics Performance

Our collection of adhesive tape for diabetics reflects the extra security needs of those individuals living with this chronic condition. These tapes are part of your everyday life, so it is important to be able to trust their performance. The function they are intended to perform is essential and compromising on quality is simply not an option.

Great Selection of Diabetic Adhesive Tape

We've compiled some functional (and fun!) adhesive tapes for diabetics. These sweat-proof, waterproof and durable adhesive tapes are available in traditional nude colors as well as colors that will add a little fun-loving attitude to your life.

Choose from athletic designs, animal patterns and children's designs. Dexcom Adhesive Tapes are made from non-toxic and biocompatible materials to secure the Dexcom G5® or Dexcom G6® Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems. This high-quality adhesive tape is resilient, durable, won't fray and applies with simple, three-section backing. When applied correctly, this adhesive should last 10 or more days.

For best results, it is important to prepare the skin before applying the adhesive tape to remove oil or dead skin. This will help ensure long-term adherence.

Total Diabetes Supply Understands Your Adhesive Tape Needs

At Total Diabetes Supply, we understand the unique needs of those living with diabetes and strive to provide you with the best, most trusted products and brands that will make your life a little easier. We offer a great selection of products and fantastic, everyday prices. We love our customers and offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with every purchase.

Have questions about the products you see? Give us a call and our dedicated, knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you have.