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Made from non toxic, biocompatible material, Dexcom tape is the perfect solution for keeping the Dexcom G5® or Dexcom G6® Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring System protected and secure when applied. With various aesthetic designs, including athletics, animal pattern, and nude, there is an option for everyone's style preferences.


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For best application:

  1. Apply a rubbing alcohol to prep the skin before applying the bandage. This helps remove any oil or dead skin and help ensure long use.
  2. Ensure the application area is dry and free of debris.
  3. Make a tearing motion in the upper half of the tape to rip the backing but not the tape itself
  4. Once part of the backing has been removed place it in its proper location with the rest hanging
  5. Then rip off the rest of the backing and carefully apply to the skin, stretching it around the Dexcom to device to ensure that there are no bubbles formed and the tape is applied smoothly

Application with the aid of someone else should be used to ensure the best possible guard application.

For best removal:

  1. Lift a small section of the bottom of the tape
  2. Pull away from the center and pull up

Dex tape comes in classical "band-aid" form for a more natural look.

  • Sweat-proof
  • Water-proof
  • Won't fray
  • Durable despite any lifestyle
  • Resilient adhesive lasts 10 or more days
  • Simple 3-section backing for easy application

Maximize the adhesive’s lasting effect by using rubbing alcohol to prep the skin before applying the bandage. The Dexcom bandage will work best without the use of SkinTac, as it is made for clean and dry skin. Use an exfoliating body scrub when your Dexcom is not in to aid in removal of dead skin. Once you have applied the bandage, we recommend that you allow at minimum 20 minutes before any contact with water or heavy activity to give you the best possible results. After don’t be afraid to exercise, swim, and sleep as these Dexcom tape guards are strong and secure enough to stay in place through all of your daily activities.

Check out an application video for the best tape application tricks!