At Total Diabetes Supply, we believe that with the right equipment, diabetes does not have to slow you down too much. These products play an important role in proper diabetic foot care because they can help prevent skin damage. You want to keep your feet free of diabetic foot complications, which is why we offer a wide range of products for a reasonable price at Total Diabetes Supply.

Many podiatrists recommend that you use these diabetic foot care products to cover your feet at all times. Even at home it is not a good idea to be barefoot. You could have serious wounds from even a simple accident. There are unique benefits to each of the different products offered.

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We have a wide range of creams available that can help offer relief for many of the issues often associated with diabetic food pain. This includes numbness, tingling, and irritated areas. Many of the products will help to heal the cracked, dry, and damaged skin much faster. Diabetic socks are going to help improve the overall health of the nerves, feet and your skin by improving the blood circulation. These socks are designed to keep your feet warmer and help with circulation more than the traditional sock. These help to keep the foot safe and clean while allowing for added comfort.

One of the common issues with diabetes is a lack of circulation. The compression stockings offered at Total Diabetes Supply will maintain pressure on your legs and feet while serving as a non-invasive treatment method. By gently squeezing the foot and calf muscles, these compression socks will improve your circulation. This allows for better blood flow, which in turn is going to help the circulation system. These options range from extra firm compression (40-50mmHg) to very light compression (8-15mmHg), depending on your needs and doctor’s recommendations.

Diabetic shoes are available to make walking easier for people with diabetes. As someone with diabetes, it is imperative that you avoid issues with calluses and blisters. With the wrong fit or the wrong type of shoe, these issues can occur quickly. Properly fitted diabetic shoes are going to prevent most diabetic foot problems. Oftentimes diabetic shoes have been stigmatized as clunky and ugly, but thanks to the options offered by Total Diabetes Supply, you can have a wide range of options that are fashionable, stylish, and affordable. These are going to keep your feet protected and healthy while also being functional and comfortable.