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If you suffer from occasional or chronic pain, then you are likely very familiar with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices. Often used by physical therapists, pain relief offices and other doctors, these machines were historically prohibitively expensive to the average, everyday individuals — the very people who could use these healing "zaps" of electrical impulses. Today's TENS units are quite affordable and are a great drug-free alternative to pain medication.
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What Are TENS Machines?

TENS machines were developed in the 1960s. These non-invasive pain relief units use adjustable settings of intensity, controlled by a hand-held device. Electrical impulses are sent through electrodes that are attached to the body with a reusable adhesive patch. The electrodes send pulses of electricity to the affected area.

How do TENS Machines Work?

TENS technology originated from research that was referred to as the "Gate Control Theory." This maintained that a neural mechanism in the spinal cord acted like a gate, opening and closing signals that flow from the periphery to the brain. The "gate" is either closed, open or partially closed, depending on the brain's signal. The electrical impulses of the TENS machine affect the transmission of pain to the spinal cord, blocking their transmission to the brain. Another benefit of these electrical impulses is that they release endorphins, a natural painkiller.

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