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Why Are Diabetics Prone to Infections?
As a diabetic, you are more susceptible to infections. This is due to the high blood sugar levels that affect and hinder the immune system's response and rate of healing within the body. Additionally, the characteristically sluggish nature of a diabetic's circulatory system can also affect healing. Each of these factors combined make wound care for diabetics a number-one priority when an injury occurs. Shop wound pads and alcohol swabs and wipes for diabetics below.
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Today's Improved First Aid Products for Diabetics

Today's first aid products have improved significantly. A diabetic dealing with a wound or an infection has substantially more tools in their tool belt to help successfully heal a wound before more intensive care is required.

Wound Prevention is the Best Route

Still, prevention is preferable, so it is important to take precautions in your everyday life to avoid situations that put you in greater risk of wounds. Wounds in the lower body and feet are particularly risky, as these parts of the body are notoriously impacted by neuropathy in diabetics. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), about 25 percent of diabetic patients will experience a foot ulcer at some point, which can lead to amputation.

Total Diabetes Supply has Pads, Swabs & Wipes for Diabetics

Total Diabetes Supply has the wound care products available for everyday low prices, so you can stay on top of your supply of first aid products. We offer everything you need for diabetic wound care including pads, swabs and wipes — as well as gauze, prep pads, adhesive remover wipes, sponges, film dressing, oral swabs, undercast padding and more. Many of these products are sterile, latex-free and ready to help you fight bacteria and get that wound healed in no time.

Brand Names to Trust

Because diabetic wound care is so important, it is paramount not to take shortcuts when dealing with first aid for diabetics. For this reason, we offer only the vetted and best pads, swabs, wipes and other first aid products for diabetics. We trust the following manufacturers so you can too: 3M Healthcare, Cardinal Health, ConvaTec, Kimberly Clark Professional, Medline, Sage Products, Trademark Co. Smith and Nephew, Simple Diagnostics and more!