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Diabetic Syringes
Although there have been many advances in efficient and effective ways to administer insulin subcutaneously in insulin therapy, the most widely used method of insulin delivery is the syringe. Since the discovery of insulin in 1922, millions of lives have been saved through the use of controlling blood glucose levels through regular insulin injections with syringes.
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Syringe Reuse

It may be tempting to reuse syringes due to cost, but you should speak with your doctor or other healthcare profession before doing so. Because the syringe dulls with each use, syringe reuse can be painful. Additionally, when syringes are reused, this can increase the risks of needle sticks to others who live in your home. Syringe care also includes safe syringe disposal. Diabetic syringes should be either capped, destroyed or disposed of in a sharps container prior to disposal. There may be rules about syringe disposal in your city or town, so it is wise to check with your waste authority about medical waste disposal rules.

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