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When Are Glucose Control Solutions Used?
Glucose control solutions are essential in testing the accuracy of your test strips and meter system. According to some experts, this practice is good for when a new package or batch of test strips is opened or when a test result doesn't seem correct. Certain studies show it is likely that if one test strip from a bottle is bad, the other strips will be bad as well. The enzymes used to perform these tests are sensitive and can be damaged during shipping, as they are particularly vulnerable to sunlight, heat and cold.
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Glucose control solutions should also be used with a new system, when one experiences an unusually high or low blood glucose result, if a strip vial has been left open or has been exposed to environmental factors (as mentioned above) or if a meter has been dropped and/or damaged.

What are Glucose Control Solutions?

These solutions are calibrated to be used with their own brand of meter. Glucose control solutions contain a mixture of sugar, water and other stabilizers available in several levels of control solutions — each with a different known level of glucose. These solutions mimic the glucose level in the blood, even though the solution does not contain any blood cells. The different levels of control solution allow you to test normal glucose levels as well as high and low levels for a varied representation of levels.

Glucose Control Solutions for Accurate Monitoring

Glucose control solutions are essentially another way to ensure that your blood glucose self-monitoring numbers are in your personal target range, something that is absolutely vital in diabetes management and self-care. Validating meter and test strip accuracy is another way that you can take control of your personal health.

The Best Brands in Glucose Control Solutions

Total Diabetes Supply's glucose control solutions are available from many trusted brands and for many product lines. Whether you use Accu-Chek Nano, Accu-Chek Compact, Accu-Check Aviva, Bayer Contour, Bayer Contour Next, FreeStyle Regular or Prodigy Autocode, we have the control solutions for your personal glucose meter in stock and ready to send.