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Diabetes is a frightfully common disease all over the world. It has been estimated that more than 550 million people globally will suffer from this chronic disease by the year 2030. It doesn't discriminate and affects men, women and children in all walks of life.

Diabetes Defined
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Diabetes Defined

All types of diabetes — Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 — have a common culprit: the lack of or inadequate insulin supply available to break down the sugars in food and help convert them to energy. This hormone is absolutely essential in the body's sugar process, so those with diabetes have to find other ways to supply their bodies with the insulin they need. Through self-monitoring, diabetics get to know how their body reacts to foods they eat, physical activity they participate in and stress levels they experience. Their insulin administration is tailored and specific to the data collected in the self-monitoring process with blood glucose monitors and test strips.

A Diabetic's Wound Care/Skin Challenges

Because of their chronically high blood sugar levels, a diabetic's skin can present unique challenges. This diabetic reality results in moisture loss. Additionally, diabetics are often unable to fight off infections and their bodies may struggle in healing themselves after an injury due to their impaired immune systems. Unlike those without diabetes, those living with the disease must be acutely aware about any wounds present on their bodies. This can often be difficult due to nerve damage or neuropathy. Wound treatment in diabetics must be proactive and aggressive, as improper care can cause infections, long-term complications — even amputation.

A Great Selection of Products for Diabetic Wound Care and Wound Healing

Total Diabetes Supply offers its customers a wide range of products for diabetic wound care & healing in order to promote safe, effective wound healing. Choose from many different products that all help aid in caring for any wounds that a diabetic must protect. Whether you need bandages, dressing, tapes, wraps, pads, swabs and wipes or creams and ointments in gels and liquids, we are your go-to source for products you can trust. We carry 3M Healthcare, American Diagnostic, Cardinal Health, Calmoseptine, Jobst, Ferries, Kimberly Clark Professional, Medi Tech, Medline, Sage Products and HealthPoint as just a few trusted names and brands we're proud to offer.