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For those with diabetes, the approach to wounds and wound care differs from the rest of the non-diabetic population in the attention needed to promote healing. Diabetics understand that all wounds have a risk of moving from small issues to dangerous, life-threatening issues very quickly. Many people with diabetes have peripheral neuropathy, a condition that causes some injuries — skin cuts and blisters — to go unnoticed until they have become more serious and require more intensive interventions for care. Even insect bites can present a unique challenge for diabetics. Shop for wound dressing products for diabetics below.
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What Causes Wound Healing Challenges in Diabetics?

Because the common factor in all type of diabetes is irregular, inadequate or non-existent insulin production needed to break down blood glucose levels, diabetics often have abnormal levels of blood sugar present in their bodies. High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) can cause rapid moisture loss, narrowing of the blood vessels and neuropathy, which is a nerve condition that affects the feeling throughout the body — particularly the limbs. These factors combined with blood circulation challenges as well as immune system deficiencies can all wreak havoc on wound care and effective healing for those with diabetes.

Wound Care Dressings & Care

With the importance of wound care and wound healing in diabetes, it is imperative that diabetics have first aid essentials on hand and available at all times in case they find a wound that has a risk of infection. Total Diabetes Supply makes it easy for you to stock up on the products you need to take your wound care into your own hands and to set your wounds up for healing success.

We carry antimicrobial gauze, bandages, catheter dressings, sterile sponges, adhesive film, medicated petroleum dressing and more in stock and ready to send to you. With trusted brands in diabetic wound care like 3M Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Derma Rite, Derma Sciences, Jobst, Ferris, Smith and Nephew, ReliaMed, Nu-Hope Laboratories and more, you'll be in good hands with your diabetic wound care.

100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee

With Total Diabetes Supply, you can count on us to provide you with the best, most trusted products in Wound Dressing Products for Diabetics. We have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence from your go-to source for diabetic wound care — Total Diabetes Supply.